What Your Dad Has Taught Me


What Your Dad Has Taught Me

To my beautiful daughter,

When you are old enough to read this, I would like you to know some things about your dad. I have known him since I was 14 and he was 15. I have gotten to see him grow from a boy into a man. He has taught me so much about life and love. As you get older, you too will learn many things from your dad.

Here some things I have learned about and from your dad:

  • Your father has the gift of talking to people. Engaging others is a gift your father has and something I try to work on. Your dad has taught me to take time for people. Be a good listener and ask good questions. You can learn so much from other people if you take the time to listen.
  • Your father is really good at staying calm. You have probably inherited my traits, so this is something you will have to work on too. When you panic, it can actually make whatever situation you are in worse.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself and other people. No one is perfect and everyone is in need of grace.
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously because life is too short. Take time to be a goofball and have a good laugh.
  • It is okay to have a good cry. Even men cry.
  • Be giving and use what you have to help others. Giving to others is a gift your father has. He doesn’t hesitate to help someone in need. Your father cares deeply about others and helping others in need.
  • It is important to take time for yourself and take care of you, so you can be your best for others.
  • Your father is a hard worker and does what he can to provide for you. Things will not be handed to you in life, so you have to work hard and do your best in whatever you do.
  • Forgiveness is important for moving forward in life. Having unforgiveness in your heart will only keep you stuck in the past. It is a weight on your shoulders that weighs you down.
  • Good character is important. Be honest and be a person of integrity.

Your father is an amazing person and father.

As you have probably already learned, your father loves you very much. He has been through a lot in life and has a lot of wisdom. He has made plenty of mistakes but uses his mistakes to learn from them.

Not everyone is so lucky to have a father who learns from his mistakes and takes it to become a better person. We are both blessed to have him in our lives. I know I am a better person because of him.


Your Mother

what your dad has taught me