The Summer “Mom” Countdown

Summer is the best, isn’t it?  We ALL look forward to summer.  
I’m not going to lie, I may or may not have a summer countdown.  

Now, it’s not your traditional countdown it’s more of a “Mom” Countdown.

My child has 24 more days of school.  That’s 24 days of scrambling to make sure the cereal doesn’t get too soggy, while my kid is trying to find her shoes. Twenty-four school lunches, five more after school playdates, 23 days of telling my kid only x more days until school is out. Fifteen loads of laundry (three loads a week) until school is out, I will be doing laundry forever until my dying day, but no way am I going to try to figure out that number. 

That means 23 more days of convincing my daughter that math is fun.  Twenty-four school lunches prepped and packed.  Twenty-four more days until I can pick up summer clothes on clearance.  {That’s right!  Right after school gets out those stores have major sales.}

One more end of the year teacher gift so help me!

Twenty-four more pickups and drop offs – hallelujah! 

So, as you can see my “Mom” Summer countdown is really more of a list of things I won’t have to do during the summer as opposed to the school year.

Anyone else on the just get me to summer struggle bus??

We’ve all seen those cute meme’s where it shows the kids on the first day of school, looking all clean with new clothes. Then it shows near the last day of school where the kids are dirty in torn clothes.  Yeah, that’s where I’m at. 
This morning I wore my pajamas to drop off.  And not just active wear that passes for both pajamas and workout apparel.  NO.  Full on pajamas.  That is what the end of the school year has done to me.  

The teachers feel it.  The kids feel it.  Us moms, oh we FEEL it.

I realize that this struggle bus will immediately leave me in the dust the moment all of my fun summer activities have been worn out within the first week of my daughter being home.
And then just like that, I’ll be counting the days until school starts.  I’ll have my daughter’s bento box all shiny ready for its first use of the new school year.  I may even have showered and done my hair before pickup.  Because let’s be honest.  I’ve got to make a good first impression on the first day.  Lord knows how I end a school year.

How many more school days left for you? What is the one thing you are looking to do this summer?