Maybe The Universe Is Trying To Tell Us Something


Please don’t read the title and think that I’m suggesting that the universe is trying to tell us that people need to lose their jobs, or their businesses, or their lives!

That is NOT what I’m saying.

If after reading the above you still feel that way – stop reading.  This post isn’t for you.

I’m about to do a deep dive and get a little metaphorical, a little heady and a little spiritual – again, if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea please move on – this post isn’t for you.

Still with me, just my mom?  That’s fine – she’s the best – this one’s for you, mom!

I’m sitting here on a lazy Saturday afternoon which has taken on a whole different meaning after the last 10 days. And I can’t help but think that maybe, just maybe the universe is trying to tell us, me, something.

I believe in a higher power, and I know some people believe in God, or a higher being, or the universe – but to make this easier I’m going to call the higher power the universe – be it what you want it to be.

See – for the last almost 8 years – ever since I became a mother, I have said to almost anyone who speaks to me that I’m tired.  I’m overwhelmed, overworked, and have so many spinning plates that I honestly can’t do it anymore.

I constantly run out of underwear so I buy more because I am unable to keep up with my own laundry.  My house is an utter disaster and the only solution is to move or set it on fire because I do not have the time to get it in order.

Between the ballgames and the practices and owning my own business and marriage and trying to keep up with friends and family, and worrying about the environment and children being taken from their parents and our increasing homeless population – I am a woman on a ledge and not even Oprah will keep me from falling.

So, here I sit being mandated that I take a break.  Being required to stay home.  Being forced to STOP!

The universe is forcing us all to stop. To take the time.  To actually be still.  To actually stop and be still for once in my freaking life.

Whoa.  Okay, universe.  I’m listening.

See – I think – and I could be wrong because let’s face it I’m just a human who has many flaws – but I think that as mothers we want to have a connection with our families.  We want to have a home that is peaceful.  We want to enjoy this life – and we try to do this by filling it with all. the. things.

We fill it with things that in and of themselves aren’t bad at all!  But we don’t want our family to miss any of the things and so we as mothers fill our lives with so much that there isn’t a moment for any of the things we need – or in fact actually want.

We throw ourselves into the fire and are shocked when we get burned.  Because wasn’t this all supposed to make us happy and fulfilled?

I think that the universe saw this – saw us holding on for dear life and decided we had had enough.  That we were incapable of forcing ourselves to stop that it had to do it for us.  The universe in its infinite wisdom had heard our cries and knew we needed a full stop.

And for that, for that I am grateful.

Here I sit on a day where I didn’t do anything but read and quiet myself.  I held my son and laughed.  I didn’t have a to-list to accomplish.  And it felt good.

This rest – has felt so good.  This stillness is like a breath of fresh air I didn’t know I needed.

I am an eternal optimist – and my hope is that this forced stopping will make us all better in the end.  That one day it will all be over and we will take with us the peace we were forced to receive.  We will remember our neighbors and think about others with the same severity that we are thinking about them all now.

Oh, how I want the universe to be proud of us at the end of it all.  And I think, it will.



  1. I love this! This is exactly how I have felt too about this pandemic. Thank you for sharing… it’s a good feeling knowing I’m not alone in my thoughts.

  2. Privileged bullshit. Lots of people have lost jobs and lots of healthcare workers working non stop to help people survive. I could go on and on. Please check your privilege at the door.

  3. I’ve thought the very same thing. The world is just going too fast for its own good. And sadly, something of this magnitude is the only thing that could slow it down. It’s so terrible that it comes at such a high cost for many…but I also believe that everything happens for a reason. I pray that everyone takes the good from this situation that they can. My family also enjoys the slower pace and will carry as much of that out of this with us as we can.

  4. I love this Maria! You said it perfectly. I feel like the “busy” in our lives tends to cover up what we’re not dealing w in our lives.

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