Hey Mama, I See You Doing Your Best


hey mama

Hey Mama,

I know it’s been a long one. Your husband has been gone for going on what feels like 103848474 hours. It’s not, but it feels that way. You’re doing the best you can. Staying home with the kids is hard work. Do you feel like you might snap the next time the kids fight over a toy? That’s okay. It’s normal. You’ll be okay, you’re only human. It’s almost done. Relief is on the way. 

Hey Mama,

I know how you look at pictures and videos of your kiddo while you eat lunch. I know you think you are somehow failing because you are at work and not at home with your daughter. It’s okay. You’re doing your best. You’re showing her what hard work looks like and that being a woman means you can do any kind of job you put your mind to. 

Hey Mama,

I see you trying to balance that new baby and your toddler and get to the grocery store. You are just trying to get some milk and bread and cereal for the morning. But the toddler is screaming and you are on 4 hours of sleep. You need to find somewhere to breastfeed. Really though, you’re doing a great job. I know you think that you’re failing because you aren’t giving either child your full attention. That’s okay. They’ll be okay and so will you. It will teach them that the world sometimes needs them to wait.

Hey Mama,

I see you worrying over your teen. That they aren’t talking to you enough. That you can’t tell if they are happy at school lately. That somehow in the span of a few months they went from open and wanting to hang out with you to spending all their time in their room. It’s okay they are just figuring out who they are. You’ll still be there for them when they do and it’ll be incredible to see that growth.

Hey Mama,

You’re killing it at this single mom thing. I know you feel like you aren’t enough since you’re just one parent and not two but you are inspiring your kid every day. Pushing the limits of what is even possible to accomplish. You are their world, and it’s a good one.

Hey Mama,

I see you looking at the hospital bills piling up. I see you holding your babies tiny hands wondering if they are scared. I know you are scared. That’s okay, it be a problem if you weren’t. I see you hoping and praying every night that everything will be okay. Your love is getting everyone through this. You are stronger than any of us. You are a superhero. 

To each and every one of you mamas who feel like you’re barely making in through the day, know this. Know you aren’t alone.

I see you. I see you doing your best. And so do your children. Even if you can’t see it yourself.

You are enough. You are moving mountains even if it’s inch by inch. You are everything they every needed, just the way you are.

Breathe, tomorrow is another day. 


That Mama Who Feels Like This Day Will Never End and I’ll Never Be Enough


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