Keep Your Children Occupied For Hours With This Game!


Do you ever feel like you’ve literally run out of activities for your children to do?  I mean there are only so many crafts one can make in a day, am I right?

And sometimes going outside isn’t an option – like recently when it’s been pouring down rain.

There are other indoor things to do, but a lot of them cost money and if you’re like me and trying to “no spend” then you’ve got to figure something else out.

So, when you’ve run out of ideas and the kids are making you batty – try this game.

Are you ready for it?


The game is called Hide The Box.

How does it work?  

You hide a box.  And then let your kids find it.

Sounds too simple?

It is.

This all started when my friend came over during the Holidays.  She brought with her a box of candy canes and said that her girls would spend HOURS hiding the candy canes and then finding them.

I didn’t believe her.

But sure enough, much to my surprise once the candy canes were open my two boys and her two girls spent a good two hours playing hide the candy canes.

It was glorious.

After they left my kids kept asking to play hide the candy canes, but of course, we didn’t have candy canes as my friend had taken them home.  However, because it was during Christmas we had a TON of Amazon boxes.  

So, what did I do?  I hid the box.  

My kids then spent the next two hours hiding and finding the box.  

I wish I could patent this and sell it for millions of dollars because it was so genius.  And one would think that your kids would get bored of this game, but oh no they still ask to play hide the box!

Hide the Box.  You’re welcome.