When I Grow Up I Want To Be An Old Woman


Today is my Birthday!!!  And Birthdays make you think about getting older, being old, being an old woman.  And I feel like we do everything in our power to fight getting older, but today, because it is my birthday and I can do whatever I want, I am going to explain why I want to be an old woman.

old woman anaheim moms blogI want to be an old woman because that means I’m getting older!

Does that make sense? You know the saying if you aren’t getting older you’re dead?  Well, it’s true!  The older I get means the more life I have lived.  I know too many people who have lost their lives at incredibly young ages and if an extra wrinkle here or there (and maybe a grey hair or two) means I’m old then bring it on!

Older Women Have Got It Going ON!

Everyone says that when you get older your confidence grows and I feel like that’s totally true.  As I’ve gotten older I could just about give a care what anyone thinks of me.  So imagine how much confidence I will have when I am an old woman!  Talk about living life!  

With Age Comes Wisdom

Oh to be able to go back in time and tell a younger version of myself all of the things I know now! Becoming an old woman means getting to be so much wiser!  And I think that as someone becomes wise the little things become less important and the big things are brought into focus.  This is the perfect time of year to start reflecting on what really matters.  So if growing up means I’ll hone in on the best parts of life and forget about all the pettiness then yes – I want to get old!  And start to let go bc obviously I need to!

Like a BOSS

Now that I’m getting older and owning who I am feeling more and more like a Boss!  Now, granted I am a boss in a way as I own this old thing called Anaheim Moms Blog, but getting older has made me feel like I’m coming into my own.  As a 20 something-year-old, I couldn’t even imagine how my life would look at 35, but I have to say I’m pretty stoked!  And, I am planning on SO many things in the future that I didn’t think was possible 10 years ago.  So just keep your eyes and ear out!

So, while everyone else fights like mad to stay young, I’m embracing my oldness.  Bring on the age!  When I grow up I want to be an Old Woman!