How to Get Your Kids to Go to Bed at Night


How to Get Your Kids to Go to Bed at Night

There are so many ways and theories and strategies and books and blog posts about getting your kids to go to bed at night.  Right?  There are even some pretty hilarious bedtime books written about the struggle.

sleeping child anaheim moms blogBut I have found that there are a few golden steps to making night time the easiest time.

  1. Go to the park for seven hours. – This is the first big step in getting your kids to go to sleep at night.  WEAR THEM OUT!  Seriously.  Go to the park.  Go swimming.  Have them start training for an Ironman NOW!  Two is not too young.  The more they sweat the faster they’ll fall asleep.
  2. Get their bellies full. – Like any adult, if you want someone to fall asleep make sure food has been delivered.  Kids are the same.  They need a full tummy to fully fall asleep.  And that’s the goal!
  3. Give them a calming bath – And by calming I mean let them play in the tub until their skin is like a bag of prunes.  The bath combats that second wind that kids get before bedtime.  You’ve got to get them fully tuckered out if they are going to go to sleep without issues.
  4. Read a really boring bedtime book – Get cozy in a chair like this. You’ve got to make sure that you don’t fall asleep yourself.  You will want to go to bed too, but stay strong!  You’re almost to the finish line.
  5. Hugs and Kisses, Water and Stuffed Animals – This is KEY!  Make sure you are totally prepared.  Kids don’t want to go to bed and so they will remember absolutely every single thing that they need before bedtime can occur.  So – get it all ready.  Make sure all of your ducks are in a row!
  6. And say good night – Now, say goodnight and RUN out of that room.  Shut the door.  Don’t look back.  It’s important to NOT make eye contact on the way out.  You don’t want to see a pair of puppy dog eyes!

Congratulations!  You did it!!  You’ve successfully put your kids to bed!  Now, go get that glass of wine and RELAX.


They’re never going to go to bed.  They’re kids.


  1. We use a lavender body oil on them after a bath and it seems to help a lot. I’m think I should start using it for myself now.

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