The Perfect Valentine?



The perfect valentine

I have a confession to make – I love gifts.  In fact, I love gifts so much that when someone gets me a gift that doesn’t make any sense I actually feel offended.  Now, before you stop reading and think I’m some sort of stuck up brat – just know that I love GIVING gifts more than I like to receive them.

Gifts are my love language.

Sometimes this can be a bit tricky because not to brag, but I am awesome at giving gifts.  However, when my husband and I were first dating I had to play nice.  I had to make sure he knew that I was grateful for everything he had ever given me.  I had to, well, LIE.

Before my husband, I had never had a boyfriend.  I had never celebrated a Valentine’s Day that didn’t include watching the Notebook by myself eating one or more pints of Ben and Jerry’s.

So, this first Valentine’s Day together was pretty important.  I may or may not have truly hyped it up. My husband is half Japanese and his mother was sent to an internment camp.  I had found a photograph of an internment camp taken by Ansel Adams.  I mean that’s pretty amazing, right?  I got it framed and everything.  I was so excited to give it to him!  I was also really excited to see what he had for me.

The time came for us to open our gifts.  He opened mine and was shocked.  He couldn’t believe I had found this photograph that we had spoken about.

And then it was MY turn!

He handed me a small box.  Jewelry!!  I wasn’t sure what kind of jewelry it would be, but what girl doesn’t want jewelry from her boyfriend?! I opened the box and saw… an evil eye bracelet.  It was hideous. At that moment I did what any amazing girlfriend would do.  I said, “THANK YOU!  I LOVE IT!”  I may have had to yell to really sell him on the fact that I loved it, when in fact I was disappointed, enraged, and hurt.

He wanted me to put it on right away, which I reluctantly did.  So for about a month, I managed to wear the evil eye bracelet.

And then I couldn’t take it any longer and I “lost it.”

That’s right.  I told my boyfriend that I lost his precious Valentine’s Day gift.  I made up some crazy story about being at work and how it probably got lost on a job site I was working.  So that was that.  The damage was done.  I no longer had to stare at that beast of a bracelet around my wrist.  Yes, I felt some guilt, but for the most part, I was just happy to not have to wear it.

However, because I had the most amazing boyfriend in the entire world, he felt awful that I had lost my very first Valentine’s Day gift.  So, what did he do?  He bought me another one!  Because as I had told him when I got it, I LOVED IT!

So now I had two evil eye bracelets.  

And the second one was actually worse than the first.  There was really only one thing left to do.  I had to come clean.  I did it in the most polite way I possibly could.  I told him, “Please don’t buy me any more jewelry unless it’s an engagement ring.”

Shockingly he didn’t break up with me!  Anyone else have a crazy Valentine’s Day gift story?


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A native of Iowa, Maria moved to Los Angeles ten years ago. It's there that she met and married her husband, Brian. Maria has 2 boys who make her world go round and round and round and round... She also is a co-host on a hilarious podcast - They See Me Mommin'. When she isn't doing all things "mom" Maria enjoys reading, writing, baking, eating and LAUGHING!