Do YOU Snapchat?? {YOU SHOULD!}


When I first heard about Snapchat oh so long ago it was in the news as another way for teenagers to send not so private photos of each other to each other without the risk of those photos getting into the hands of anyone else.  I assumed this was a teenage thing and me being well out of my teenage years didn’t belong in the Snapchat world.


After hearing from several friends who used the App, I decided that I had to investigate it for myself.  For posterity purposes only.  {right?}  And what I discovered pretty much changed my life.  Or at least the lives of the friends who added me as Snapchat friends.  {THANKS GUYS!}  They totally don’t regret it at all.

See, the beauty of Snapchat is that it is for everyone.  Especially Moms. 

How else are we supposed to entertain our lovely little munchkins who are awake at ALL hours of the day?

IMG_4272  IMG_4278












How else are we supposed to convey what our lives are truly like at that exact moment in time?  A picture paints a thousand words, does it not?


Then, there’s the awesome filters.  Most of the filters are a bit strange, but some make you look good.  As in the filters hide that I haven’t showered in 48 hours and have bags under my eyes the size of Texas.  Thanks Snapchat!

{Clearly I have some bizarre desire to wear a crown of golden butterflies}












IMG_4366The filters can be timely.  Like this amazing one!  I’m a hardcore Harry Potter fan.  I tried the filter on myself, but it wasn’t as cute.  It was more sad.




IMG_4430For the most part I simply try to give my friends a laugh.  Whether it’s with a quick snap of me my kiddos or something a little crazy.

As much as the teenagers love their snaps, I find that snapping with my friends is just another way to stay connected.  And isn’t that what is’a all about?

Yes, I still text them.  And yes we still chat on the phone.  But just because I’m a grown adult doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun too.  MOMS CAN HAVE FUN!




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A native of Iowa, Maria moved to Los Angeles ten years ago. It's there that she met and married her husband, Brian. Maria has 2 boys who make her world go round and round and round and round... She also is a co-host on a hilarious podcast - They See Me Mommin'. When she isn't doing all things "mom" Maria enjoys reading, writing, baking, eating and LAUGHING!


  1. Maria – I just love that this is out in the interwebs of the world… seriously.. I mean, I felt so special to get this amazing visuals of you and your children, but now I realize that anyone can see them and get a hearty laugh and smile. Which reminds me of one of the reasons of why I love you my dear friend… you just love making life as hilarious as possible! I do need to get around to getting snap chat… some day! I will be converted! Keep sending these great pics!

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