How To Take Better Pictures Of Your Kids This Summer


take better pictures of your kidsSummer is here and the water is calling! Are you a beach-goer? Or do you prefer to hide out in a cool house until the late afternoon and then venture outside for some water fun? I’m the lady who lets her kids do a lot of night swimming during the hot summer months because I’m too wimpy to sit outside earlier in the day. Also, my favorite time of year to head to the beach is in the (Southern California) wintertime. So while you’re hiding out inside with the A/C, let me share with you some ways to take better pictures of your kids. And when you decide to venture outside, I’ll give you some pointers for that too.


Look for good light and give your kids space to create. 


When I say “good light” I’m talking about light coming in from the windows, not the yellow overhead artificial light. This can be where the whole room is lit up, or just simple pockets of light streaming in from the early morning or evening that almost looks like it’s glowing. 

Kids are good at playing. I think that is something we lose often times with our commitments, schedules, and the busy-ness of life. So while they are creating music, art, or a yummy mess in the kitchen, you can be capturing these moments. Then make sure to work together to clean it up.

Also, while you’re snapping away…don’t use flash! 




Capture low and high perspectives while they play.


I’m all about details. They’re really my favorite pictures. There’s usually no added distractions of whatever else might be going on. This is coming from me, a mama of 6 who is used to many distractions and a busy house. One of the easiest ways to capture details is to get on your kid’s level. Sometimes that means laying on the floor or turning your phone upside down. 

High perspectives are fun as well. It almost give a comical feel. It truly captures that #momlife right? haha!




When you head outside… use the action setting or burst mode.


We all know how speedy little ones are. And no one likes to have a blurry picture when you are trying to capture the moment. So make sure to set your camera to the “action” setting (the little man that looks like he’s running) or hold you finger on the button on your phone to take a burst of pictures. 

Also, say yes to the mess…especially if it’s outside and water is involved! Seriously, I would call that a win win mama!


One of the best ways to ensure you don’t miss out: Have your camera at the ready!


I take way more pictures of my kids when my camera is out on the table or counter, ready for me to grab at a moment’s notice. Just make sure it’s in a safe place from little curious hands and if you have a strap don’t let it dangle off the edge. That’s like an invitation to be pulled down. We want to keep our babies and our cameras safe.

The benefit of using a phone is you will most likely have it ready and with you when some fun is happening. I would suggest you clear your camera roll so you don’t end up not being able to take a picture because there’s no more space on your phone! (cough cough) Speaking from experience on unfortunately numerous occasions here.

So there you have it. My best advice on how to take better pictures of your kids this summer.

Happy snapping!