5 Simple Tips to Seriously Up Your Phone Photography Skills


The days of snapping pictures on disposable cameras and waiting several days (and crossing your fingers!) to see how the pictures turned out is a thing of the past. Now we have impressive cameras literally at our fingertips, built into our phones. Here are some simple tips to seriously up your phone photography skills!

1: Clean your phone camera lens. I know this might sound silly, but it makes such a big difference! Fingerprints, makeup, crumbs…clean it all off with a simple wipe of your shirt.


2: Aim for bright, natural light. If you are inside, try to be near a window and the subject facing it. If you are outside, aim to have the sunshine at your back (unless you are going for a cool sunshine flare vibe).

3: If you have an iPhone, the portrait mode is a great option for people! You can use it in selfie mode as well, which is cool. Don’t forget to clean the front facing camera lens, too!

4: Want a family photo hack? Set up your camera and make sure everyone will be in the frame. Then, start a video. Yes! A video. Record for a bit to make sure you will have options. Then, watch the video playback. You can actually pause the video and then scroll to the frame that you want. Then, take a screenshot! Crop it and you have a great family photo without using a timer 🙂


5: You would be shocked by how you can improve a photo with a quick photo editing app. My personal favorite is A Color Story! Some more popular options are Pic Tap Go, Lightroom, and you can also even edit in your Instagram app! Another cool option are presets that you can purchase. Presets allow you to use Lightroom and have automatic filters that you can apply over your photos.

What else would you add to the list? I’d love to hear! And don’t forget to tag @ocmomcollective on instagram or facebook when you try some of these tips out. We want to cheer you on as you seriously up your phone photography skills!