How To Teach Your Children To Be Anti-Racist


We are at a critical time in our history where it is more important than ever to not be racist but even more so to be anti-racist.  We all know that change can only truly happen from within, and what we are teaching our children about race is SO important.

For some of us, this conversation has been going on for quite some time and comes easily.  For others, it may be more difficult.  And that’s okay.  We all have to start somewhere.

The journey to Anti-Racism starts at home.

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NPR has reminders about what to think about when discussing race with your children.

Our children will learn from us, so teaching them to be anti-racist is so important.

Social Media

Follow these kid-centric social media accounts.

Woke Kindergarten
The Conscious Kid

Watch this Facebook Live with Dr. Kira Banks

The more you are aware of anti-racist media the easier it will be to share with your children.


Diversify the toys that you child plays with.  Black dolls, black action heroes – they are out there you just have to find them.

Sign up for a monthly subscription box from Shift. Books with social justice in mind.

Go to black-owned restaurants, seek out black-owned bookstores to buy books about social justice for your children.  You can find a fantastic list of places in and around the OC here.


Watching movies and television programming that have messages about race, difference, and social justice are great places to start.  Keep the conversations open.

Our team is currently watching Black-ish, Doc McStuffins, Seasame Street, Mr. Rodgers, and Kevin Hart’s Black History.

Here is a list of movies from Mother Magazine.

Here is a list from Mater Mea of 35 shows you can watch with your children from toddlers on up!


There are SO many lists of books about teaching your children to be anti-racist, here are a few lists that we love.

31 Children’s books to support conversations on race, racism, and resistance
25 Children’s books that celebrate differences
White Parents Talking To White Kids About Race – A Reading List
A teacher created a list of her favorite books about racism.


We all have a lot of feelings and opinions and it can be hard to calm them down.  Especially if you have only recently admitted that there are racist sentiments lingering in your mind.  So, the most vital thing you can do is listen.

Listen to the words you are saying to your children about people.  Look at how you interact with people of color.  What messages are you sending?

Listen to your children and how they speak.  If they need correcting, that is okay. When we know better we do better.  But there is only one way to know better and that is to learn.

Other resources {We will continue to update this as we find more and more resources for you}


It is one thing to say you aren’t racist, but it is another to actively be anti-racist.

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