An OC Mom’s Why Not?! 🤷‍♀️ Summer Guide

why not summer bucket list

If 2020 has taught us anything is that we all need to expect the unexpected – which is why we decided to come up with our Why Not 🤷‍♀️  Summer Guide!

We’ve all heard about Yes Days and this guide has been heavily influenced by the idea. If you’re anything like me, the last few months I have started saying yes to a lot more than I usually do.

Chips for breakfast? I’ll allow it.

A dip in the pool considered a bath?  Sure, why not?

Second dessert?  Of course!

So, here is our Why Not?! 🤷‍♀️ Summer Guide.  Not to be confused with our 2020 Summer Bucket List which you can find here.  Or if and when things finally open our other Summer Bucket List.  2020 sure is making things confusing!

Ice Cream For Breakfast

Your kids will remember this day or week or however long you decide to allow it for the rest of their lives.  Want to know why?  Because our contributor Elena said she still remembers when she was allowed to have ice cream for breakfast.  So, why not?!

Frozen Slushies Every Night

It’s getting HOT – and it’s not even that hot yet.  So a frozen slushy every night sounds divine!  Usually, we hold off on those unless we are going to the movies, but come on, it’s a why not kind of summer!

Buy An Ice Cream Cake For No Reason

Most of the time ice cream cake is solely reserved for a birthday party.  But it’s summer and it’s hot and you can get them for relatively cheap at Target!

Drink Out Of A Hose

Remember doing that as a kid? It was so much fun and oh so refreshing!

Become a Donut Shop

Well, maybe not literally – but almost! Our contributor Melissa Fisher Goldman and her kids make a different donut and “take orders” for their shop.  Then they often will leave a donut surprise on one of their friend’s doorsteps.

Camp In The Living Room

I read that Emily Ley and her family do a Friday night pizza and movie night and they all fall asleep in the living room.  Her and her husband usually head for the master bedroom, but the kids stay and always feel like it’s a special treat.

Create Inside Jokes

Our managing editor and her family have a fake cockroach that they are leaving around the house – basically to add a little spice to their quarantine! You just never know when or where that little bug will appear!


You can actually rent a UNICORN in Orange County!  Seriously, we live in the OC you can rent practically anything you could think of from bounce houses to petting zoos.  So go ahead and rent away.

Celebrate the Holidays

Have an Easter Egg hunt, wrap some presents, and randomly open them on a special day, decide to bring back the elf, trick or treat in your house, there are just so many ways to bring back the holidays because it’s a why not?! kind of summer!

Theme Nights

Theme parties are truly the best – especially if you love to dress up.  So why not start doing it this summer?  One of our fellow sister site owners made her entire family dress up as a Disney character but with only things they had in the house – everyone had to guess who the other was.

You can do a Luau night, a Harry Potter night, an 80’s night.  Truly the list is endless!

So, while this Summer is definitely going to look a lot different than ALL of our other summers, we are confident that flipping the script will make it possibly one of the most memorable!