5 Tips To Connect With Your Kids During Distance Learning

distance learning

Hey mama! Yes I know I’m looking at the bright side over here, but I am taking on this distance learning task and making it a time to connect with my children. 

Before the pandemic, I would wake up frantic to make sure the kids brushed their teeth, ate breakfast, and got to school on time. So, at the end of the last school year I kept the same routine and it drove me to all the wine in my pantry. As we approach the 2020-21 school year, I am going to try five new tips to keep me away from the wine and closer to being my kids’ mama again.

1. Wake up an hour or two earlier than your kiddos!

Yes, this means you should go to sleep early! Unless you are a night owl you can do what you need to do at night, but I would still get up before you get awaken by a poop diaper (you know what I mean). This way you can get all the things you need to do for yourself done. For me, it’s journaling, a workout, group check-in, work on my business, while listening to a podcast! List your non-negotiable to-dos and get them done, but don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t.

2. Have a breakfast menu posted for the week.

Just like meal prepping, kiddos can look forward to a meal and fuel before they start school. Plus, they won’t ask you any more questions. Sometimes it’s pancakes, sometimes it’s cereal, you can make the menu, even change it when you’re feeling like waffles. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day even if we are distance learning.

3. Set up a computer work area for each kid.

I have two kiddos in 1st and 3rd grade this year and it’s important they know where they need to set up and know they can spread out. Everyone needs to have a place where they are not on someone else’s virtual meeting. Not enough computers or access to the internet? Contact your school district office, they should be able to assist with this. 

4. Make sure everyone knows their own schedule and everyone else’s schedules.

A schedule for distance learning is SO important! This keeps confusion and everyone from asking so many questions about each other’s schedules. The first few weeks will be a transition, but after a while, this gives the kiddos and adults the chance to do what they want to do when there is free time available.

5. Schedule a family activity after lunch or school to get reconnected!

Coloring at the same time, reading to each other, board games, park time, a walk around the block. This brings back the “fun mom” in you. It also gives time for everyone to disconnect with school and reconnect with each other! Technology free zone! (Maybe sneak in a picture)

You’ve got this mama!

These are just some things I am going to try this school year as we head into distance learning. I’m going to keep telling myself, “This is going to be fun, easy, and a special time to connect with my kids”. Find support, ask for help because there is help out there. Let us know how it’s going because we all are doing this together.


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