Free December Holiday Printables And The Magical Attic Giveaway!


December holiday printableLooking forward to having your kids home from school for the next couple weeks? Of course you are! But let’s be honest. There’s also a lot of down time over winter break. And after you’ve used up all your ideas for fun activities, family outings, and snuggle time on the couch, what are you going to do with aaaaalllllll those extra hours and days before school starts up again??

The Magical Attic to the rescue!

We’ve partnered again with them this month to bring you a fun assortment of FREE activity sheets. These December Holiday printables come in handy to keep your kids entertained, whether it’s during a long car/train/plane ride to see the grandparents, or while you’re busy wrapping gifts for their teachers, or anything else your busy family may be up to this holiday season. 

Even better, this month’s printables include a fun and easy giveaway courtesy of The Magical Attic! And best of all, every entry is a winner!

After your child colors the candy cane house printable below, you can mail it directly via USPS to The Magical Attic’s headquarters (address is conveniently listed on the printable image). Here it is just for your reference:

The Magical Attic/BCP Imagines

230 Central Street

Newton, MA 02466


Every entry received will get a small prize in return! Plus your child’s artwork has another chance to win a bigger prize!

All the entries received will also be entered into a second giveaway contest for a special The Magical Attic stuffed animal or coloring book. That’s right, for the price of a stamp and envelope, your child could win TWO prizes! 

Giveaway contests ends January 20th and multiple winners will be selected!


Click on the images below for a printable version, and good luck!

December Holiday Printable


And here are some more December Holiday printables just for fun!


December Holiday Printable

December Holiday Printable

December Holiday Printable

December Holiday Printable

December Holiday Printable


Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season!

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