Achieve A New Year Each New Day

Achieve A New Year Each New Day

When the alarm goes off each morning, but the bed is oh so cozy and you were tossing and turning all night, do you get up? Today, I did and am writing to say that we get to. We get to turn the alarm buzzer off, get on our warm robe, and get on with the new day.

Why get up?

Every day is like having a New Year celebration. It’s a new day with new opportunities. Opportunities to be better and more patient with our children, even though we lost our minds when they tell us “no.” When the clock strikes midnight every night, happy new day!!!

New Year / New Day Goals

The New Year concept is old, and 2020 has taught me to live in each New Day. We have a new day to take care of ourselves, our children, and our communities. A clean slate from the day before moving forward for the new year’s, new day’s challenges.

We’ve had challenges like no other in 2020.

The toilet paper debacle, homeschooling, and no normal big birthday parties or gatherings…or would most say “first-world problems?” This made me think, why are we waiting for 2021 to get going. There is no magic happening at midnight, we have the power to make the decision to make it better.

Of course we can’t forget all that is happened this past year.

I am taking it as lessons learned and opportunities made. Life is happening for me, not to me. I have three children that will maybe remember this time in their life, but most likely be a blip in their radar. So I just want to keep on going and keep making it better, because some people don’t have that opportunity.

So where would I like to be tomorrow, in a week, in a month…and what can I do right now, this second to get there? It’s changing the whole year into 365 days to grow and take baby steps, rather than that one giant step. It breaks up the overwhelm and stress and makes what you want achievable.

Creating Space

I could have waited until the magic 2021 to peak, but with all the “doom and gloom” around me, I created a space for me and my family to become better people. Yes, we have our bad days, but it doesn’t have to be a whole bad year.

We got through homeschooling with bumps, but I made it fun and made the most of the kids being home. They learned from each other, grew together.

Did anyone else’s kids sprout during this time?

My kids found new things in their own home that they love to do, plus they took more pride in their home because it gave them a sense of ownership. Yes, life lessons were taught, but that wasn’t planned. We don’t have to plan everything to make it a life lesson. Remember our parents didn’t.

Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

So now if you’ve been waiting for 2021 to get going and switch the clocks, don’t wait. You have each day to live for with its own challenges and growth in a 24 hour period! Happy New Year / New Day!!!


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