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Have you seen vertical gardens growing in popularity over the last few years? I am about to tell you about the coolest one I have seen! Gardyn believes that food should be fresh, tasty, nutritious, and easily accessible. And their company is making a big impact!

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Prices keep going up, we know pesticides are awful for our families, but we also have no time… right? Same. I feel like as moms we all have similar stories of too many things on our plate and never enough time to do all the things we actually want to start doing. One of those things for me? Gardening. We actually do have the space in our yard but I just have never been able to actually get started. I have so many questions. I have so much to learn. And it just keeps me in a constant state of putting off growing our own produce.


With Gardyn you don’t need the yard space (your garden is indoors), you don’t need a green thumb (the system does most of the work for you), and you also don’t need a ton of dedicated time outside of your already hectic schedule.

Here are my main three reasons to invest in your own Gardyn:

  • Financial : You can save a lot of money on your produce budget. Yes, the system is an investment upfront to budget for but you can start recouping some of that cost right away which is super helpful. They also have some pretty great financing options to break up the initial investment.
  • Physical Health : Pesticides are no joke. They are really bad for your health. More and more research keeps coming out that talks about the negative impact on our health and how they impact our kids. Being able to grow your own produce that you can be confident in, is a huge bonus.
  • Connection : Showing our kids where food comes from is truly so cool! There is a big disconnect for most people when it comes to food and where it comes from. Showing our kids how you can grow things at home, being able to watch the growth cycle, and connecting as a family is a really cool perk. You also get to show them how proud you feel for accomplishing this important task of growing your own food!
  • Bonus?! They recently dropped the prices of the device to $599 for the 2.0 (was $849) and the 3.0 is now $899 (instead of $999). And they gave us a coupon code to share! This coupon will give you an additional $115 off on top of the new price drops!! The coupon code you can include is OCMOM and it does not expire.

You can check out their website to learn more here. They are also on Instagram!


Thanks to Gardyn for working with us on this post! All opinions of the author are their own.


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