How To Host A “Favorite Things” Galentine’s Day Celebration

How To Host A

Did you know that the concept of Galentine’s Day originated in 2010 when Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation (played by Amy Poehler) threw her annual “Galentine’s Day” celebration for her female friends?

I have been celebrating Galentine’s Day for years (even before Pinterest was a thing) and recently it’s been a tradition with my college friends to do a “Favorite Things” Galentine’s Day celebration.

We’re all married and most have kids, so it’s nice to have a dedicated day during the year where we celebrate friendship and womanhood without our spouses and kids.


If you’re interested in hosting a Galentine’s Day celebration this year, here is a checklist to help you get started:


Decide on a day

First things first, pick a day. We typically like to celebrate the weekend before Valentine’s Day.



This is your chance to bust out the red, pink, lace, tulle, hearts, etc. Have fun and be as girly as you want or simply omit the attire and dress super casual. It’s your girl’s day, anything goes.



Decide on a budget and a theme (optional). Our budget never exceeded $20 and we were always a tight group of four women so we never spent over $100 on favorite things. Theme ideas include: face care, makeup, jewelry, accessories, pajamas, kitchen items, books, etc. To do a favorite things gift exchange, you’ll want to get each friend the same thing and you can even get a set for yourself if you don’t already have the items.


EDITOR’S NOTE: As of the date this post is being published, we are still in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Please adhere to your local county guidelines regarding social gatherings and public dining. All of the below suggestions can be done virtually with a little creativity. Be safe, be smart, and do your part to stop the spread!



If you’re going out for an activity or to dine at a restaurant, you likely won’t be decorating. However, a few touches like Valentine’s Day gift bags, cocktail napkins, and balloons are sure to make Galentine’s more festive. If you’re hosting, then decorate away – stores like Party City, Dollartree, Target, and Amazon are already decked out in Valentine’s Décor.



You can order in, go to a restaurant, or do a potluck. You can do brunch, lunch, dinner, dessert, or stick to cocktails and apps.



Galentine’s Day alone and celebrating friendship is already an activity, but if you have the time and want to make the day a little more extra, then you can get pedicures, massages, take a painting class, etc.



Select a venue for your Galentine’s Day celebration and it can be as simple as a fun restaurant, someone’s house, or a place that specializes in tea parties. Options are limitless.


Sample Galentine’s Day Celebration Itinerary

Last year, we celebrated Galantine’s Day with lunch and cocktails followed by a day at the spa. The year before we celebrated at the Terranea Resort and had a mini girl’s staycation. This year will be different with the pandemic but we’re hoping to continue the tradition in a safe and healthy way. Below is our game plan:

  • Date: First Weekend Of February
  • Attire: Anything Goes
  • Favorite Things Gift: No theme just simply “favorite things” with a budget of $15
  • Décor: Valentine’s Day Tableware and Gift bags
  • Food: Making it really easy – door dash lunch and will have lots and lots of champagne.
  • Activity: TBD
  • Venue: Going to sit outside at one of your homes and will be wearing masks and trying to do social distance.


Have an idea for a virtual Galentine’s Day celebration? Please let us know in the comments!

How To Host A "Favorite Things" Galentine’s Day Celebration PIN

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