Yoga + Mindfulness – How To Cultivate More Gratitude In Your Life


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Yoga + Mindfulness - How To Cultivate More Gratitude In Your Life

Yoga + Mindfulness are two practices that can help cultivate more gratitude in our lives.  Not only can they help cultivate gratitude, but they can also set the tone for our day.

Yoga is the mindfulness practice put into physical form.  

There are so many health benefits associated with yoga – everything from flexibility to heart health.  If you’re feeling stressed – Yoga is definitely a practice that can help you decrease your stress levels.

Mindfulness is also a wonderful practice to help the mind-body connection.

So often we are running through our days, making sure we tick off all of the boxes and forget to sit and reflect.  We forget to breathe!

How many times have you been concentrating on something and realized you’ve forgotten how to breathe?  Or how many times have you driven from your home and when you reached your destination you don’t remember how you got there?

That’s what Mindfulness comes into play.  Truly being present and connected in our day to day lives.

Each of these practices takes repetition.  The more we do something the easier it becomes and a habit begins to form. And often time it is easier to do these things with someone else.  

Because Caduceus cares about so much about their patients, they are offering a new Yoga + Mindfulness Series.  This series will be held every Monday evening starting November 25th through December 30th from 6pm-7pm.  Please RSVP at (714) – 646 – 8034 as space is limited. Each class is $10 or $50 for the entire series. 

If you’ve always wanted to begin a Yoga + Mindfulness practice, but aren’t sure where to start – try the new series Caduceus is starting.  Being led by a certified practitioner will help you create a wonderful practice of your own!

Yoga + Mindfulness - How To Cultivate More Gratitude In Your Life