How 30 Days of Yoga Changed My Life


I love yoga.  Well, I love the idea of yoga. 

I am not flexible at all.  In fact, when I was younger and had to do the President’s physical fitness tests I always failed at the flexibility part.  I could NEVER touch my toes.  It actually astonished me that people could.  So, the idea of yoga was appealing, but actually practicing it seemed impossible for me.

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But then, a few months ago I started to just feel blah.  Like, I constantly felt like I needed to stretch my body.  My neck and back hurt a lot.  In fact, I would crack my neck and back several times before I was comfortable to sleep each night.

I suppose it was my body screaming at me to do yoga.  And so, I listened.

I had been told about this 30-day yoga challenge on a YouTube channel and I decided to try it.  Every morning I would wake up and do my 15-30 minutes and I have been completely changed.

Week 1

  • It was harder than I thought.  Actually day four I almost quit as I’m just not very “good” at yoga and I struggled.  
  • I couldn’t hold poses for very long. 
  • I felt stronger by the end of the week
  • Still wasn’t able to touch my toes, but my neck didn’t hurt as much.

Week 2 

  • Shockingly the workouts in week two weren’t as hard as week one – or maybe I was stronger?
  • I still counted the minutes for most of the workouts to be over.
  • My neck and back pain had almost completely subsided.  I didn’t feel the need to crack my neck and back before bed every night.
  • Still couldn’t touch my toes 

Week 3

  • The workouts flew by.  I didn’t even look at my watch during week three
  • I felt strong – I had only been doing yoga for three weeks, but I already felt like it was my jam
  • I still couldn’t touch my toes, but my lower back felt much more flexible than it ever has in my entire life.

Week 4

  • I missed a few days of yoga during week four and I could tell
  • My mind wasn’t as calm
  • My flexibility wasn’t as great
  • I was more irritable in the morning 
  • I craved yoga.  It was a weird feeling to have.
  • I officially became aware of how much yoga had changed me in just 30 short days.

Yoga has made me feel stronger and more mentally sharp.  I’m so glad I started, it truly has changed my life and my body.  I’m still not the most flexible person – not even close.  But I am learning that everything takes time.  

And someday I will be able to touch my toes, and stand on my head!  It takes practice, just like my favorite YouTuber instructor says!