Advice From A Teen Mom Who Struggled With Postpartum Depression


postpartum depressionDid you know April 29th to May 3rd 2019 was Maternal Mental Health Week? Did you know postpartum depression affects one in seven women?! I think this needs more awareness.

I will be the first to admit, it’s hard to not get into a funk after baby arrives especially with the sleepless nights. What is sleep? Also, the soreness EVERYWHERE! Those frustrating times baby is more fussy than usual and you have tried EVERYTHING. 

I struggled with postpartum depression after my first child for a while.

If I didn’t have the love and support I have, I’m not sure where I’d be. I’ve always struggled with depression my whole life, but postpartum depression is a whole different level.

Not only do you have to take care of yourself after just having a baby, you have to take care of your baby.

My first delivery, I gave birth at 17 years old. I feel my age was a factor in my postpartum depression.

I was so young and now had this huge responsibility of taking care of an innocent baby.

Surprisingly being a mother came natural to me but I still struggled. I struggled with making sure I was good enough to be her mother. I struggled with the idea that I was still in high school, which meant I had to continue going to school. To come home to a baby and somehow get homework done.

Her father and I were fresh into a relationship which was stressful.

Adding a newborn into the mix was not at all easy. We were basically kids that just had their own baby. So all of this, while I was trying to find myself as a teen mom was chaotic to say the least. 

Fast forward to now.

I’m so thankful I have not had to struggle with postpartum depression after having my second and third little ones. It was actually a big fear when I got pregnant for the second time that I would struggle again, especially from my husband.

He never wanted to see me go through that again.

He never shared this fear right away either until my doctor brought it up after our second baby. He really stepped up when I felt my lowest, and I just don’t know where I would be without him. 

What I’ve learned from postpartum depression is it can hit you right away or it can take its time.

Postpartum depression isn’t just sadness or just “baby blues.” There’s so much more to it and everyone is different. I got it as a teen mom. Some women get it in their 40s. It can happen to anyone.

The biggest thing I’ve learned and taken from postpartum depression: it is ok to ask for help.

It is ok to not be ok. To not be the perfect mom. There’s no such thing!

The best thing as a mother is to better yourself, take care of yourself.

Don’t let this define you and know you are not alone. It’s ok. It gets better. It gets easier.

Postpartum depression is not a sign of weakness. Getting the help you need shows your strength and your worth. You need to know you are worth more than you realize.

If you or someone you love may be struggling with postpartum depression, please reach out to a doctor or therapist for professional help. 


postpartum depression

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