This Mom Is Super Offended By “Mom Fit” Jeans

This Mom Is Super Offended by

So after months of months of not going into a store, I walked into women’s clothing stores and saw a sign that said “MOM FIT” jeans, and I was super offended. My 2020 fashion choices were mostly activewear, pajamas, and all things comfy.


But does anyone else feel that putting MOMS in a category of jeans feels like being pigeon-holed into our bodies after having babies?


After having my third child, I was the heaviest I had ever been and in a state of postpartum depression. Then a pandemic hit and I was again piled on with more responsibilities that I didn’t have a “how-to” manual that told me what to do. AHHHHH!!!

It’s okay and I survived along with my family. I chose to work on myself, so that all the other obstacles happening would be easier to solve. I lost over 50 pounds, started multiple businesses, and was just so much happier overall.

I was so excited to go shopping for an upcoming trip and then I saw that “Mom Fit” jeans sign.

I was already feeling nervous with the crowds of people and the disorganized store that the sign just took me over the top.


Is the term “Mom Fit” jeans a clever celebration for moms who did everything during the pandemic or is it saying moms are moms forever?


I get the “boyfriend” jean thing because it’s a men’s cut. But when a teenager puts on “Mom Fit” jeans, that’s just weird to me. I am a mom who had 5 pregnancies, 3 full term children, and endured all the changes of my body. To hide it with the “Mom Fit” doesn’t seem appropriate, especially because I worked so hard to get my body back in shape.

Yes I have a belly, but it’s mine and it’s beautiful and strong.

I have learned to thank all of my body parts no matter what they look like because without them, I don’t know where I would be. Also, maybe it’s my realization that moms are the most super beings on this planet, but can we just not with the “Mom Fit” jeans. Okay, my ranting is over, but I wanted to just put it out there for moms who were also offended.


I want to wear whatever “fit” of jeans look good on me.


Please don’t put me into a “body-type” category to hide parts of my body that we should be celebrating. So to the mom, who looks at her stomach with disgust, STOP! It’s the part of your body that was super stretched out to hold those beautiful children of yours.

Through some self discovery, I found that I love myself and all the parts of my body, they will return the favor.

I know there are fashion trends and I totally skipped over 2020 and almost 2021. I think I’m going to stick to my activewear and dresses for now and not the “Mom Fit” jeans that are out there. So, can someone tell me what is in now, because I feel like I need a whole new wardrobe or something, but then again I could just be me, there’s no hurt in that.




Tell us, what do you think about the “Mom Fit” jeans trend? Is it making fun of mom bods? Are teens wearing them ironically or because they really like the style?

This Mom Is Super Offended by Mom Fit Jeans PIN