Do You Shop The Bullseye?


Do You Shop The Bullseye?

Do you shop Target’s Bullseye?  Or rather are you the type to research the sales, check your coupons, have your cartwheel app at the ready, or do you simply show up and shop?!

I have to be honest, sometimes I’m the show up and shop, but I’ve found that if I set aside a few minutes I can really save big with the Bullseye!

For instance, this week Target has an ad for a coupon that will give you a $25 gift card with the purchase of $100 or more in the baby department.  You can also text SAVE to 827438 to get it as a mobile coupon.  This is good on diapers, wipes, formula and baby food. 

There are a few other good promotions like when you buy a Munchkin step pail for $64.99 you will receive a $10 gift card, and a Summer Infant wide view digital video monitor for $129.99 and a get a $30 gift card (no additional coupon required). 

And if you have a Target REDCard you will receive an additional 5% off your entire purchase. Bullseye savings at it’s best!

Essentially you could earn $60 in gift cards and save a good $15-$20 off of your purchase!  Which is amazing because for the most part these are things you need anyway, so why not buy them when they’re on sale AND giving you a gift card to get them.

And that’s just by checking out one ad!  And if you really need baby items you should come to Bloom!  Get yourself fully stocked for your little one.  Your wallet will thank you.

Of course, the trick is to stay on your budget AND your list.  Which is the Bullseye’s greatest obstacle!

The temptation once inside Target is palpable, I completely fall victim to their end of the aisle sale shelves and pretty packaging.  

How many of us walk into Target expecting to get two items and come out with twenty?  Raise your hands.

Just me?


I’ve found that if you can wait and check out the sale ads, scan your cartwheel and stock up on your gift cards, you will be able to get the things you really want for a fantastic price.  In fact, I was able to get my iPhone for FREE.  Yes, you read that right. {That’s a post for another day}

So, if happen to be shopping at Target and find yourself being sucked in by the bullseye – remember to stop and give yourself a minute.  Check all those easy things first, and make sure what you really need or want is at the absolute best price.  

Happy Shopping!

do you shop the bullseye

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