Kylee Modoc

Kylee Modoc was born and raised in the heart of Silicon Valley yet never learned to code. After high school, she attended California State University, Fresno where she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Marketing. Regretfully, she admits that she never spent enough time thinking about or researching career options until after she had graduated in 2008. Still, she attributes the success of finding a position and “moving up the ladder” to her willingness, (when she’s in the mood), to be coachable. In 2013, Kylee left her corporate life in the financial sector to start a family. She describes the choice to stay home with her family as both a blessing and an identity crisis. Fortunately, writing has become an enjoyable outlet for her in addition to traveling, reading and serving in the Mothers of Preschool Ministry. Kylee and her husband, Serg live in Anaheim Hills with their two daughters. They are expecting their first son this Summer 2018! Kylee is still unable to code.
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Mothers Of Preschoolers

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