San Diego Museum Month

This post is brought to you by our partners at Hilton Hotels & The Museum Council of San Diego. We are thrilled to be partnering with them!

If there’s one goal I have for the new year it is to get out more.  To do more with my family.  To explore.  To learn. To get up and go!

Which is why when I heard about San Diego Museum Month I knew that it was not only a fabulous way for my family and me to do all those things but also something that everyone should know about.

We are so close to San Diego – it’s a fabulous weekend getaway with SO many museums, restaurants, and parks to explore!

And it goes without saying that if you’re going to stay in San Diego, there is no better hotel than one of the many Hilton Hotels in San Diego!

And in February you and your entire family can get half off of admission at over 40 museums!  You can pick up your museum pass from a local San Diego library OR stay at a Hilton Hotel!