Museum Month In San Diego

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Museum Month in San Diego

The San Diego Museum Council is so excited to present Museum Month this February!

There are over 40+ museums participating.  From the USS Midway Museum to The New Children’s Museum, there is truly something for every member of your family!

You and your family can pick up their own Museum pass at over 75 public libraries OR you can pick one up by staying at a Hilton Hotel.

While I stayed in San Diego I was able to visit several of the museums that are participating in Museum Month.  

San Diego Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum or The Nat is located within Balboa Park.  This museum has so many exhibits to see and some, like The Backyard, where your children can learn through play.

One of my favorite exhibits was the Unshelved exhibit. Hundreds of specimens that have been saved in storage for years are brought to light in this exhibit.  The idea behind unshelved is Big Small Beautiful & Bizarre.

So many fascinating exhibits to explore – check out the scorpion collection below – and that wasn’t even all of it!

You can actually see a volunteer every so gently chipping away at a fossil.  The museum is an active research facility with paleontologists working right now!  Your family will love this place!

The San Diego Museum of Art

The San Diego Museum of Art is located in Balboa Park and has thousands of art and installation pieces from all periods and cultures in history.  They currently have a Tim Shaw exhibit that is extremely powerful – one I will never forget.

museum month

I love that the museum offers programs not only young children but teenagers too!  There is a teen art cafe that gives your teen the opportunity to meet and interact with museum educators on their own.  They also have family workshops and family drop-in days.  

A really exciting new feature that the museum has started using is an App that brings art to life!  One piece is a volcano erupting – your kids will LOVE this!

[xyz-ihs snippet=”Modern-Art-Volcano”]

Japanese Friendship Garden

Located in Balboa Park the Japanese Friendship Garden will transport you to Japan.  Each winding path makes it impossible to see everything behind your or in front of you – which is the exact intent of the design.

If your children like animals they will love seeing all of the Koi. Did you know that Koi can live to be over 100 years old?! And there are even Koi shows, just like dog shows.  

The garden is lush and serene.  A perfect place to walk around and reflect.

Whaley House Museum

If you love ghost stories you will LOVE the Whaley House Museum.  Located in Old Town San Diego this historic house is said to house the ghosts of the Whaley family.  

Many of the docents have felt taps on the shoulder from Whaley house members as well as run-ins with the deceased Whaley dog.  Sometimes the rocking chair where Ana Whaley rocked her children can be seen rocking with no one on it.

The history of the house is fascinating as is the members that once called it home. 

You MUST check it out – if you dare!

USS Midway Museum

The USS Midway Museum is an actual aircraft carrier.  I was truly fascinated while trying to take in everything that can be seen at the Museum.  I would highly recommend taking a tour!  So many things to learn about how the USS Midway functioned during its time at sea.

One of my favorite exhibits was on the flight deck, where an actual pilot explained how aircraft took flight on such a small runway.  He also explained how the planes were able to land.  I knew he was the real deal because he not only gave direction for the movie Top Gun but also had a small cameo in it!

I really enjoyed being able to explore the inside of different planes and learn about how the ship navigated through the waters.  

You could easily spend several hours at the USS Midway! It is a must-see during Museum Month!

I was only able to see a few museums on my short trip to San Diego, but there are 40+ participating in Museum Month!  Make sure you get your pass!

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