Our Top 6 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Busy Moms!

Our Top 6 Essential Kitchen Appliances for Busy Moms!

No matter if you’re a working mom or stay-at-home mom, we all face the same challenge: what to cook every day for our families. Being a mom myself, working and taking my son to appointments and therapies regularly, there’s not much time left to cook. But I realized these kitchen appliances for busy moms expedite the cooking process and I don’t dread cooking as much.

As a matter of fact, it’s more time consuming to figure out what to make rather than the cooking part.

But, unfortunately, as a mom, you can’t escape from cooking. No matter how much you DoorDash, Uber Eats, or serve frozen food, the sad reality is there will be some meals you’re still going to have to cook.

This article about our top 6 essential kitchen appliances for busy moms will help you save time in the kitchen, and produce wonderful meals in no time, like a pro!

#1 – Air Fryer

This is probably my best friend in the kitchen. The air fryer saves so much time –  instead of preheating an oven, an air fryer can be used instantly. This is great for quick meals without the use of oil.

Air Fryer is great for frozen food, as it cuts the time in half from defrosting. The best part about an air fryer is unlike grilling or cooking on the stove, there’s no smoke that’s produced. Everything is contained in the air fryer.

I use it to make grilled chicken, steak, roasted potatoes and, fish, the possibilities are endless! If you don’t have an air fryer, you’re missing out, so easy to use and safe for kids to use, not much is required for clean up either.

#2 – Instant Pot

At some point by now, every mom has an Instant Pot (IP for short). This is a game changer. Not only do you get to have a one pot meal quick but can make so much food in large quantity in no time and saves a lot of money and hassle. I love to use an IP for stews, soups, curries, beans and chili. In addition to all that, you can make delicious oatmeal for breakfast in no time. 

Also, the food comes out tender and soft for the little ones to chew, my daughter has braces, so this really helps with the chewing.

IP has a timer, so you can place your ingredients and while its cooking, easily attend to the kids.

Cooking Tip: if you’re a working mom, place all the ingredients of a meal in the fridge, including defrosted meat, the night before. Once you get home you can throw all the ingredients in the IP and it’ll cook magically!

#3 – Blender

I use a blender for pretty much everything. Not only can it be used for smoothies/shakes but it’s great to make sauces, marinades, blended ice coffees, and salad dressings! Yes, you heard me right, you simply place all the ingredients and pulse away.

A good blender does save a lot of time because in a few seconds you have fresh sauces, smoothies, ice cream shakes instead of bottled food items.

#4 – Coffee Maker

This is for the coffee lovers. Nowadays with the variety of coffeemakers out there, it’s really a personal choice which is one you prefer: Keurig, Nespresso, or traditional. My philosophy is, if you have good coffee at home, no need to go to a coffee shop every day. This can save you so much money and time in the morning.

Also, to make it fancy, start with a small coffee bar, buy your favorite syrups and different coffee blends. Show your barista skills!

#5 – Electric Kettle

This is mainly for the tea lovers. Electric kettles are great for quick hot water to dispense for tea. Not only is it great for that but also if you need quick hot water for instant noodles, cooking, or to warm up some frozen breast milk.

During the summer, I like to brew fresh ice tea. The electric kettle is great for making tea and setting it in the fridge to cool down after its been brewed. I love electric kettles because they aren’t loud as stove top whistling kettles and the auto shut off is a safe feature to have around small kids.

#6 – Mini Chopper

I have a huge food processor, but you’ll be surprised how often I use the mini chopper instead. This is great to chop up veggies and herbs for quick meals, especially onions and garlic. I use it a lot to make fresh salsa and guacamole, shred chicken for salads and soups, chop tomatoes for stews, create quick toppings for a taco bar, and cut up veggies for a salad. Again, this saves a lot of cutting time and everything looks uniform and pretty.

Cooking Tip: A Mini Chopper can prep veggies in advance and store in zip locks or airtight containers in the fridge. It makes cooking much faster if everything is chopped up already.

We get it. Some days it’s very difficult to cook and we use those days for take out, frozen meals, and going out to eat, no judgement here. But when you have to wip up a meal, these 6 essential kitchen appliances for busy moms will make your life easier. Happy cooking!

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