Solving The ‘What’s for Dinner’ Problem for OC Moms


“What’s for dinner” is one of the questions OC Moms get asked literally every single day. Some days I love to cook. The routine, the creativity, it serves as a bit of a stress release. Other days? I want someone to solve my problem and answer that question for me. My biggest mom hack in this arena: meal delivery. It saves me time, still allows my family to eat a homestyle meal, and there are zero pots + pans to clean. Honestly? That might be the best part. There is a fantastic new option in Orange County that you are going to love!


Lucie started Lucie’s Wholesome Kitchen because she saw how tricky it was for busy parents to get healthy meals on the table most days. Both Lucie and her business partner, Ada, grew up with single moms. They saw their moms working hard to keep all of the many mom plates spinning and they also saw how important sitting down and eating together as a family was. Seeing the need in many families for wholesome meals with little time, they used their experience (Lucie was a private chef in Newport Beach) and their skills to create a unique solution to the problem.

Lucie’s Wholesome Kitchen provides wholesome meals that are ready to go when they are delivered. No cooking. No re-heating. Simply unbox and serve. The portions are generous and everything is family style. They have new menus each week that you can choose from and we cannot encourage you enough to add their chocolate chip cookies to your order. You won’t regret it.

Finding ways to save time on tasks is one of the most impactful things in my life. It frees me up to spend more time with the people I love and the things I love doing. I used to feel bad for not wanting to cook every night for my family. But honestly? That was my own unrealistic expectations on myself… no one else. Meal delivery is smart. Meal delivery saves me time. And I love that my family still gets a handmade meal that I get to enjoy with them.


Check out their website and their upcoming meals here. If you try anything, tag us on instagram, we would love to see which meals you love most! One of our OC Mom Contributors, Cheryll, tried the chicken piccata recently and absolutely loved it. It was delivered to her door all ready to go, left her with no extra dishes to clean, and her kiddos ate their veggies. Obviously a huge mom-win! Enjoy this hack, the time you save, and soak in the fact that you have someone helping you answer the inevitable ‘what’s for dinner’ question.


Here is how the process works

  • *They currently deliver within a 15 mile radius of their kitchen in Costa Mesa
  • Place your order by 3pm on delivery day
  • Choose your delivery window (Currently they deliver between 5-5:30pm or 6:30-7pm)
  • You will get a notification when your food is delivered.
  • Grab the box from your front door.
  • Unbox.
  • Serve + enjoy!


Here are some reasons that Lucie’s Wholesome Kitchen stands out from other things we have tried:

  • The meal is ready to go. No re-heating.
  • They show you menus in advance. Some of the other companies we have ordered from only did one week at a time. I love how you can plan further out with Lucie’s!
  • I also love how you can order for delivery the same day. It is perfect for when last minute chaos ensues!


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Thanks to Lucie's Wholesome Kitchen for partnering with us on this article!


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