Feeling Fancy With Dryel

feeling fancy with dryel
This post is brought to you by our sponsors at Dryel.

I cannot tell you how many times I have decided not to purchase the fancy top or the slightly more expensive pair of jeans because each tag said “dry clean only”.  If there was one thing my mother ALWAYS told me was to avoid anything that said those words.

So, for the longest time, I did.

But then the fancy tops kept calling my name and I gave in.  And because I wanted to avoid ruining them in the washing machine – I just didn’t wear them! Which was such a waste because they were oh so pretty.

I didn’t want to constantly have to go to the dry cleaners, I have children and no time for that. But the fancy tops kept calling so I knew I had to figure something out.  And, I’m SO glad I did!  Enter – Dryel.


Dryel came into my life and gave me permission to buy and wear all of the fancy clothes that said dry clean only because I could wear AND wash these clothes at home – saving money and looking cute is one of my most favorite things!

Dryel is an at-home dry cleaner.  There are 3 easy steps to cleaning your fanciest clothes at home.

  • Pre-Treat – Dryel has a stain pen that you can use on any stains or high odor areas.  And now that we are all wearing natural deodorant this comes in handy on not just fancy clothes!
  • Fabric Protection bag – Add your clothes (1-5 garments depending on size) and 1 cleaning cloth to the fabric protection bag.  Then tumble dry on MEDIUM heat for 15-30 minutes.  The fabric protection bag uses steam that is activated by your dryer to clean your clothes.
  • Hang up – As soon as the timer goes off hang up your clothes to help the wrinkles fall out.  Go ahead and spray with the wrinkle releaser if there are some stubborn wrinkles.

And that’s it!

Personally, I am in love with the stain pen.  I mean, I have kids, and even though they may not be wearing the fanciest of clothes they stain everything.  Including what I’m wearing!  So the stain pen is a lifesaver!

I also am the biggest fan of the wrinkle release spray.  This is why I use Dryel – not only do they include the bags to clean your clothes, but they make everything so easy and effortless to ensure that once your clothes are out of the bag they look like they’ve been drycleaned.

If you have been avoiding purchasing fancy clothes that say dry clean only because you fear ruining them in the wash or spending too much money on dry cleaning – try Dryel!