I’m Never Going to the Car Mechanic Again

This post is brought to you by our partners at Your Mechanic. But as always our opinions are always our own!

Does your mechanic make house calls?  

Because I’m never going to the repair shop again.


Anaheim Moms BlogEvery single time I have to go into the mechanic I have to wait forever in the worst waiting room ever built.  It’s small, dirty, and not kid friendly at all.  

And since I’m a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom I have found that I have to bring my children with me as it is frowned upon if I leave them at home alone.  So, I just don’t get car repairs done unless it’s on the weekend. But who wants to waste a few hours on the weekend getting your oil changed?

On top of that when I go there is always this awkward moment at the end when I’m told that I need extra work done.  And if I refuse to get it done I’m made to feel like a silly woman who doesn’t know she’s contributing to her car being destroyed.

So how will I get my oil changed from now until the end of eternity you may ask? 



What is YourMechanic?  Basically, it is a Godsend for Moms.  And Dads.  And really anyone who doesn’t want to leave the comfort of their own home.

I had the pleasure of using YourMechanic last week and it was easier than ordering pizza.  Seriously.  

yourmechanicI just went to their website – told them the make and model of my car, and if you don’t know the engine or whether it’s a turbo it’s no big deal.  They are professionals and can figure it out for you.

Then, I picked the services that needed to be done and scheduled my appointment.  


The best part is that the price is told to you BEFORE you book.  And you can have YourMechanic come to your home or your place of business.  

No more trying to schedule around nap time or business meetings.  They come to you!  Which means you can put the baby down for a nap, get your oil changed AND watch the ending to that movie you never get to finish.  

You don’t tip the mechanic and he doesn’t ask you if you’d like to add a whole bunch of different services – he just shows up.  Fixes your car.  And says have a great day!

This is a total game changer for me.  

And now is a fantastic time for you to try it out too!  Your Mechanic is running a Back to School Special

Book your appointment now and rest assured knowing your car is ready for the school year!