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steviecruzphotographyfresh480003When it comes to preparing for baby, one area that is easy to overlook is planning for photos. Most likely, one of the things you will pack is your point & shoot camera and of course your trusty cell phone camera. Additionally, the birthing center often shares their pamphlet for the hospital photographer; but the work is good just not great. What’s better than good- an opportunity to have a professional photographer come in and capture your family just as you want to remember it; tiny details, simple surrounding, bright

What’s better than good – an opportunity to have a professional photographer come in and capture your family just as you want to remember it; tiny details, simple surrounding, bright setting, and relaxed atmosphere. So you think how can this be achieved? Stevie Cruz Photography offers “Fresh 48 Session” whereas she will come to the hospital, birthing center, or home (for home births) to capture what are sure to be some of the most cherished photos.

As Kelly says, “When my own babies were born, healthy, but, weeks early, I was sent to a recovery wing instead of general maternity, so, somehow, my babies were skipped over the day the hospital photographer made her rounds. The only images I have of my freshly born babies are not better than what could be caught on a decade-old cell phone. I was disappointed with myself for not being better prepared.” The Fresh 48 session with Stevie Cruz Photography is the perfect solution.

steviecruzphotographyfresh480004While the hospital is wonderful for the care of you and your baby, it is not their responsibility to make sure you have photos. Because of Stevie’s Fresh 48, you do not have to rely on the “hospital” photographer for these important memories. The Stevie Cruz Photography Fresh 48 service ensures you will have high-quality personalized lifestyle photos of your child in the first 48 hours or two days of their life.  Additionally, you will have the images available to you for sharing almost immediately, professional quality share-worthy images of your newest treasure.

Here’s how the Fresh48 Works:

I started offering the Fresh 48 session a few years ago when I had back-to-back clients requesting in-hospital lifestyle newborn photo sessions.  After the first few times I witnessed these breathtaking moments, newly born souls beginning to recognize and connect with their parents and siblings, I was hooked!

If you decide you want to book the Fresh 48, you have to reserve your session ahead of time. Because of the last-minute nature of this type of session, I only take three per month. You can book your Fresh 48 session up to 5 months before your due date.

When you are on the way to the hospital or center, you or a family member contact me by text or call to let me  know the time is coming.

steviecruzphotographyfresh480002The day after the birth, at a time that is convenient for mom and dad, I visit the hospital or center for the very special session. By having the session the day after the birth, the mother- who more often than not is completely exhausted by the tremendous work that is labor- has time to catch her breath, get a few moments of rest, and regroup with dad or other children. By staying within the first 48 hours, the session captures the fresh moments of a new family. The raw and pure emotion of this moment is like no other.

The sessions are done in lifestyle fashion- not posed. I simply observe and photograph the organic interactions between new baby and mom, dad, and siblings if they are present. I will aim to use the natural light of an available window in the room to catch the most flattering images. The goal is to capture these sweet introductions with your newest family member and those precious newborn moments. In addition, I try to preserve the tiny details of the toes, lips, fingers, and any other features that will almost unbelievably look different in just a few days.

steviecruzphotographyfresh480001As a professional photographer, I love many different types of sessions.  Whether I am photographing newborns, babies, or beautiful bellies of expectant mothers, I am happy to be a part of the experience and the excitement of my client’s lives.  However, if I had to pick a favorite, the Fresh 48 would be it. 

The raw and pure emotions of these moments are like no other.

A few tips for new moms that are not local to have Stevie Cruz Photography capture their fleeting moments:

  • Make sure to pack the “real” camera not just your cell phone and charge the batteries in advance.
  • Pack extra camera cards so to not run out of memory.
  • Also, pack any camera cords if you plan to download your images to a computer and share (one thing Stevie Cruz Photography ensures is that clients images are available within 24 hours of the session so clients can show off their precious newborn immediately)
  • Do not use flash on the camera.
  • If you have the option, open the window shades completely and step closer to the window when capturing pictures
  • Include hospital blankets, cards, monogrammed pieces and details to remember ‘this’ moment.
  • Take close up and wide images
  • Hand the camera off to family if you can so both parents can be in the pictures

The Fresh 48 session is one of the most requested gift certificate items offered by Stevie Cruz Photography.  If you are interested in purchasing a Fresh 48, maternity, or other newborn photo sessions as a gift, use the contact link below to reach Stevie Cruz Photography Studio.  Stevie has beautiful gifting options including sessions and certificates towards albums and prints.

Stevie Cruz is a trained professional photographer that specializes in newborn and infant portraits in Orange County, California.
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