Temple Beth Sholom :: Preschool With Purpose

Disclosure::This post is sponsored by our partners Temple Beth Sholom

Temple Beth Sholom in Orange is not just a beautiful facility, it is also a preschool with a purpose.  Temple Beth Sholom Early Childhood Center is social constructivist program inspired by the Municipal Schools of Reggio Emilia.

Through observation, documentation and discussion, our experienced teachers strive to understand each child individually and provide explorative opportunities for the child to construct meaningful knowledge. We believe that children are strong, competent and social human beings with the right to be respected and treated with compassion. We understand that each child brings their own experiences and perspectives and are active participants in their learning.

If you are looking for a preschool that not only encourages learning but also walks alongside you as a parent to help your children see the world through a whole new perspective – Temple Beth Sholom might be perfect for you.

Their unique approach to learning is what sets Temple Beth Sholom apart. They believe that learning takes place when ideas, concepts, and theories are shared with others and in a context relevant to the environment. Exploring relationships (child to child; child to adult; child to the community; child to nature; child to materials and each of these things to the other) coupled with the knowledge that the child already has, provide the foundation for understanding the world and constructing additional knowledge.

Temple Beth Sholom strives to encourage children to explore the world around them.  The exciting and engaging curriculum is one of the many aspects that makes the Early Childhood Center so impressive. 

Jewish values, holidays and traditions are introduced in a natural manner based on the calendar cycle and in the context of daily life. Children are exposed to ideas of social justice and are given opportunities to view experiences through many different lenses.

Our goal is to be co-collaborators with parents in raising happy, kind, loving and respectful leaders. People, who are passionate and compassionate, have a strong, positive self- esteem, are internally motivated, independent and social. Individuals who are empathetic and accepting of others, sensitive to diversity, open-minded and charitable, collaborative in their approach with others and socially minded.

Temple Beth Sholom Early Childhood Center is a place for children to grow and continue to become well-rounded adults.  

Infant and Toddler Programs available starting at age three months as well as preschool beginning at age two.  

Options for full or half day as well as two, three, four, or five-day programs available.

To learn more about their Early Childhood Center their Facebook page.  Call or email to set up a visit 714.628.4640 – [email protected]