Salt & Sunshine Designs – A Local Business Changing the World


The first thing I noticed about Meredith Stanton, owner of Salt & Sunshine Designs, was her welcoming smile.  I immediately felt like I could talk to her for hours, which is basically what I did when I invited myself on a walk with her and her friend.  We had all had babies within weeks of each other.

I needed other moms, and Meredith was more than willing to let me talk.  

So, it comes as no surprise to me that Meredith has started a business that gives back and helps change the world, one sign at a time.

Anaheim Moms BlogSalt & Sunshine Designs

  • Salt & Sunshine Designs is based in Anaheim Hills
  • A custom homemade shop that features wood signs, greeting cards, canvas projects, pots for plants and anything else you can imagine
  • Simply send an inquiry to Meredith and fill out her request form – it’s that easy.  
  • Check out her current creations on Facebook and Instagram
  • Her Etsy shop is coming soon!

Anaheim Moms BlogI can attest that when you give Meredith an idea for something you want she executes it perfectly.  

For the longest time, I have been wanting to get a sign with my favorite Bible verse.  And now I have one that is better than I could have imagined.

I am in love with my sign!


Paint Parties

Who wants to party?! Salt and Sunshine will host Paint Parties in customers homes. You no longer have to go somewhere for a Wine and Paint night, she will come to you! Just email Meredith and she will come to your door! Hundreds of options for painting designs. Great for birthdays, bachelorettes, office parties, etc. 

Changing the World

Salt and Sunshine Designs gives 10% of every purchase to Willow International an organization working to rescue, restore, and prevent women from sex trafficking in Uganda. 

Which is another reason why I absolutely love Salt & Sunshine Designs and Meredith.  Not only is she a local mom with her own business {Lady Bosses unite!}, but she’s also giving back to help change the world.  And she gives you that opportunity by being a patron of her shop.  

Anaheim Moms Blog

Local Mom. Local Business. Global Impact.  

I love everything about all of that!  

Get your Christmas shopping done now, and feel good knowing that not only are you supporting a local business but you’re also contributing to a cause that impacts children and teens around the globe.

And don’t forget about getting a little something for yourself.  Like this state design.  

You can even have your gifts shipped!  {for an additional fee}


Anaheim Moms BlogA little bit more about Meredith:

Meredith loves to be creative and is happy to have this opportunity to make new things every week. The store was named Salt and Sunshine because it is at the beach where Meredith feels the most peace and joy. Meredith hopes her designs and projects will bring joy and peace to you and your home. 

We love Salt & Sunshine Designs!  And hope you check out the shop soon!

This post was brought to you by Salt & Sunshine Designs, but as always all opinions are our own!