Cutting Costs With A Shared Phone Plan


Some of us remember a time before cell phones and then, of course, came a time when we would select a few friends or family for our ‘circles’ in order to keep our rates down. And, in the ongoing evolution of things, here we are again in a new era of cell phone plan options: the era of family plans (picture me shooting off earth-friendly confetti).

I’m a single mom with 3 kids, a brother, and my mother all on my family plan. Money is often tight – single moms know that being on your own it is rarely an easy thing to transition into and sustain. So, when my brother suggested early on in my divorce that we share some bills, I jumped on the offer.

Years later my mom went through her own life change and needed some supportive options so we looped her in on our family plan too. I guess we just kind of ended up here and I’m so glad we did because cutting corners and splitting costs where we can has been a life-changer. Gone are the days of trying to make a highly individualized lifestyle work. Wherever we can join our resources and bills, we do.

Have you also thought about ways to split the cost on some bills and services? Have you wondered if you have to be actually related to someone in order to go in on something? Sometimes chosen family is far more trustworthy than the family we’re related to and maybe you’d be surprised to learn that you don’t have to share blood in order to share a family plan.

If you have questions about how family plans work like who can qualify to be on your plan, data options, and how exactly you can save, I’d love to point you towards this article by Cox. Everyone’s circumstances and needs are different and I think most of us can benefit from shared resources. If you’re still using an individualized phone plan I’d highly encourage you to link up with family or chosen family to help cover the cost! It truly can be a life-changer.