Preventing Medication Mistakes With OnCure

This post is brought to you by our sponsors at OnCure and we are thrilled to partner with them!


When my child is sick there is nothing I want more than for him to feel better.  The problem is that as much as I try to be on top of everything, I often can’t remember where I put my keys let alone the exact time that I gave my son an over-the-counter fever reducer.  

I used to keep track in my head, or with a kitchen timer.  The problem was that I would often second guess myself because a lot can happen in 4-6 hours during the day.  And, as much as I hate to admit it, there were times when I either wouldn’t set my kitchen timer OR it would go off and I couldn’t remember why.

Like I said, a lot can happen in 4-6 hours when you’re home with a sick little one!

Thankfully, I discovered OnCure.

OnCure is an App that helps parents manage and track OTC fever reducers, and hopefully minimize medication mistakes.  The App is available on the App Store and the Android version is coming soon – so stay tuned!

And not only does it help manage and track OTC fever reducers, but it can also help manage and track prescription medication.  If your child has ever been prescribed antibiotics, you know that you have to give them the entire dosage for around 10 days – after day 3 it can get hard to remember.  Especially when your child starts to feel better.

OnCure is such a fabulous tool for moms, dad, AND caregivers.  I like how easy it is to navigate.  I also am a big fan of being able to SHARE the information with another caregiver.

My husband and I are complete opposites.  He thrives on schedules so being able to have the exact time and dosage of the next OTC fever reducer at his fingertips is a huge relief for me and him.  This way there is no guessing between the two of us.

You can also share with a caregiver such as a nanny or a grandparent.  LOVE this feature!

The best part about OnCure is that is was created by a mom.

Moms KNOW what moms need.  Moms know what works and what doesn’t.  And the mom who created OnCure thought of it all.  

So many mistakes can be made when not keeping an accurate log of time and dosage – OnCure truly minimizes those mistakes and that gives this mama some peace of mind.

Now I’m FINALLY able to keep ALL medication dosages and times on track!

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