Friday Night Lights Is Getting Even Better

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friday night lights

It’s a cool October Friday night and I’m standing just outside the edge of the track – waiting for the clock to hit zero.  As soon as the football team rushes off the field for half-time it’s my turn to be centerfield.  I march onto the field with the rest of the band and do my best to get the crowd ready for the second half.  

The Friday Night Lights of my high school years are stained orange and black – the TIGERS were my team.  And nothing was more important than who won the big game.  

Fast forward 20 years and things for me have changed dramatically.  I’m no longer centerfield but instead, have found my place comfortably on the sidelines.  Not only have I changed, but the game of football has changed too – and as a mom, I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Friday Night Lights is getting even better.

We all know that advances in technology are not just for electric cars and computers, but for football too.  Exciting developments in helmets are making the game better.  74 percent of all NFL players now use advanced helmets, a jump from 41 percent in 2017. Advanced helmets are now available in youth sports as well, which is great news for those of us whose kids want to play.  

Not only are helmets getting better, but so are mouthguards.  There are now “smart” mouthguards that are able to track the force of impact on a player.  How amazing is it that a mouthguard can gather data and assist in the care of every player?  

The other really cool technology making Friday night lights better is a shoe-testing machine called “The Beast.”  Which just sounds super cool, right?  This machine will help players find the best cleat for their bodies.  This may seem like a simple advancement, but the reality is that if a player is wearing the right cleat they can reduce their lower limb injuries by 60%!  

Why I love Friday Night Lights

I have loved Friday Night Lights since I was a child.  Going to the high school football games with my parents, and then as a teenager cheering on my classmates (and of course my brother), is something I will always remember.  And whether my boys end up making the varsity football team like their father or following in my footsteps and walk on during half time to play their hearts out – I will be on that sideline.  

The game of football and I have changed, but only for the better!

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friday night lights is getting even better