Do You Wash Your Fruits + Veggies?

Do you wash your fruits and veggies
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Do you wash your fruits and veggies? To be honest, I didn’t really think about washing my fruits and veggies until I had children that were old enough to eat solids.

Having kids makes you consider all the things. From what they are putting into their mouths to how clean my house is.  I am always thinking about making sure my children are as free from harsh chemicals as possible!

And even though I may buy Organic fruits and veggies, that doesn’t always mean they are clean – like clean clean.  I was very surprised to find that my organic fruits and veggies often had soil and wax that I didn’t realize was there.

This is why I love Arm and Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash!

The spray truly does it all!  Not only does it clean better than water, but is doesn’t leave any taste or odor – which is so important when it comes to kids! This wash safely eliminates pesticides, wax, and soil.

Arm and Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash is made with pure and simple ingredients. This is really important when you are washing your fruits and veggies with it!

I also love that it is so easy to use.

  • Spray produce with Arm & Hammer Fruit & Vegetable Wash – let stand for 15 minutes for the most thorough removal.
  • Gently rub produce to remove soil and wax
  • Rinse under water to wash away pesticides, wax, and soil

ARM & HAMMER™ Fruit & Vegetable Wash is the first food-contact product to get the Safer Choice certification!  You can learn more about the Safer Choice certification here!

The truth is – water alone isn’t strong enough to really wash your fruits and veggies.  Water alone can’t get rid of the pesticides, soil, and wax.  So, if you want to make sure that you are cleaning your fruits and veggies to the best of your ability – get Arm and Hammer Fruit and Vegetable Wash today!



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