Do you Ozone?

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Until a few days ago I had NO idea what Ozone was or that it could be used as a homeopathic form of therapy.  In fact, I was just as skeptical as most people.  

So – what exactly is Ozone?  Ozone is a gas made up of three Oxygen atoms – yep there’s your chemistry lesson for the day!  And why would I want more Ozone in my body?  Well, after talking with Dr. Asher Milgrom from AMA Skincare there are hundreds of reasons why this is beneficial.

Ozone stimulates the immune system and reduces inflammation.  It basically stimulates the engine of life.  

Most of the patients that walk through the doors for Ozone therapy are there because of fatigue or a chronic illness.

mommysblogivtreatmentsm-14And you have Ozone put in any cavity of your body.  Yes, that’s right.  Chronic ear infections?  Try Ozone.  Lyla, the sweetest nurse who administered the Ozone to me, even had vaginal Ozone before she got pregnant.  

As I sat and got my blood infused with Ozone (sounds pretty cool, right?), there was a man next to me doing the same.  He has had a chronic sinus infection for 15 years!  He had tried basically every single drug known to man and found that Ozone was the only thing that helped!  

He had tried conventional steroids and antibiotics which left him even more sick, and now he’s doing amazing with just a few Ozone treatments!

We know more about the effects of Ozone on the physiology of a human than the effects of Asprin. – Dr. Asher Milgrom

I’m not going to say I was super-human after my Ozone therapy, but I definitely felt amazing.  And because everyone at AMA Skincare is so focused on holistic healing I was given a vitamin IV drip as well.  

Why would I do an IV drip instead of taking vitamins orally? Yeah, that was my question too!  

According to Dr. Milgrom, our bodies only absorb 5-10% of the concentrated vitamins we take.  And by getting an IV our bodies are able to absorb 100% – a major improvement.

mommysblogivtreatmentsm-18Most people are lacking Magnesium which is responsible for relieving anxiety and mental tension.  Once the Magnesium was flowing I felt very relaxed!  

So maybe you have a cold that you can’t quite get rid of.  Or maybe one of your kids has had seven ear infections in the last year.  Dr. Milgrom would suggest trying Ozone.  

Maybe you’re tired of taking anti-anxiety medication for fear of what it may be doing long-term.  AMA Skincare would have you try a Vitamin IV.  



I started going to AMA Skincare four years ago and every time I go I am blown away by their knowledgeable staff and all of the different types of holistic therapies they have to offer.

And here are a few videos to check out! 

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