Birthday Fun at Knott’s Berry Farm

This post is brought to you by our partners at Knott's Berry Farm!

When I thought about how we were going to celebrate my son’s third birthday the first thing that came to my mind was Knott’s Berry Farm!  I knew there would be something fun for everyone – and isn’t that what birthdays are all about?!

What I love about Knott’s Berry Farm is that everything is easy.  

Parking is a breeze – even on a beautiful Saturday morning, we had no troubles parking.  The line to enter went so fast my kids didn’t even whine!  Which is a major accomplishment considering they have mastered whining.  Like, they’re really good at it.

Of course, because it was my son’s birthday we had to start at Camp Snoopy!  He loved running through the tunnels and over the bridges.  It felt like we were on an adventure.  I loved how the rides were grouped together.  My husband was able to take my older son on a ride while I was with our younger one – the lines were short and each child was able to ridge their favorite without having to wait.

The birthday boy’s favorite ride was the train.  HE LOVES TRAINS!!

Knott’s Berry Farm is great for the entire family.

As much as I love Camp Snoopy – I definitely wanted to have a scream or two myself.  And Knott’s has some awesome thrill rides.  While I jumped on a couple fast-paced rides my husband kept the kids busy by playing a few games.

My six-year-old loves games!  It was great to have something he loved as well.  It brought me back to my childhood when we used to visit the boardwalk and try to win stuffed animals.  Such awesome memories recreated so close to home.

And let’s not forget about the FOOD!

I love food, my kids love food and that’s just who we are.  And Knott’s Berry Farm did not disappoint with the food options.  My kids loved the Icee’s.  There were at least 8 different flavors to choose from.  I loved how fun it was to pick your own flavors – definitely something special they’ll remember.  In fact, I know they’ll remember it because they won’t stop talking about it!

I personally loved the sit-down dining options.  Air condition and table service – the perfect respite from a fast-paced kind of day.

We had so much fun celebrating at Knott’s Berry Farm. 

My son truly had a blast on his birthday – and it showed as he completely fell asleep on the drive home!  Knott’s also offers annual passes and you can upgrade your pass to include parking, food, and even fast pass for rides!  

Be sure to check out Knott’s Berry Farm the next time you’re craving fun!  There’s something for your whole family – and you’re going to love it too!