Virtual Tutoring Saved My Relationship With My Son

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I know, it seems dramatic, but it’s the truth.  Virtual tutoring completely saved my relationship with my son.

We were only a few weeks in to virtual school when I got a message from my son’s teacher that he hadn’t been doing ANY of his work.  Like zero. I was shocked, embarrassed, angry, and had an overwhelming sense of helplessness.

My son had always been a good student.  I very rarely had to get after him to complete his work, so the fact that he hadn’t done anything was shocking.

Of course, we had a talk and then on top of his daily virtual schooling, I then sat with him for what felt like hours and sometimes it was to make sure he was completing his work.  This is on top of me making sure my kindergartener was getting his virtual schooling done oh yes and work and all of the other things.

So, there is a very good chance that I wasn’t the most patient.  I didn’t always know exactly what he was supposed to be doing.  It was a bit of a mess.

At my exact moment of feeling like a complete failure, I was introduced to NH Tutor.  And when I say that virtual tutoring saved my relationship – it really did.

My expectations for a virtual tutor were pretty low – I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  Virtual schooling was already pretty difficult for my son, how would he handle a virtual tutor?

To my surprise – it was amazing.

Before each session, the tutor contacted me via email and we discussed what my son should be working on and if there were any areas of concern or anything she should know prior to the session.  I was able to give a little insight into why we were having the sessions and also give examples of what I wanted him to be working on.

After each session, I was sent a parent report which summed up what they worked on together, my son’s behavior, and any other comments from that session.

And my son did his work.  He did his work happily while in his tutoring session.  The tutor made each session so fun.

The absolute best part of it all was that at the end of his session he had finished what he needed to get done, and we didn’t fight about it.  It truly saved my sanity and his too.

If you’ve been on the fence about virtual tutoring and aren’t sure if it’s right for you – that’s okay! NH Tutor is offering one FREE session!  That’s right – try it out and if you’re like me you’ll be SO thankful that you did!

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