Important First Day Of School Tips


first day of school

It’s the first day of school and while you may have checked every box on the school supply list are you, first-time school mom, ready for school?

From drop-off etiquette to knowing whether or not to order hot lunch – the Orange County Moms Blog Contributing team has come up with a list of the important first day of school tips that they wish they had known.

  • After school programs can be difficult to register for.  Find a second-year parent and ask for help!  Seriously, just ask for help you’re going to need it.
  • Hot lunch can be tricky – some schools require that kindergarteners refrain from ordering hot lunch for an entire month.  
  • 30 Glue sticks on the supply list is NOT a typo! 
  • Don’t be afraid to join the PTA – it’s a great way to meet other moms and be in the know for what’s happening at your child’s school.
  • If possible volunteer during school hours! The opportunities to do so might be school or teacher dependent, but yours may welcome parent volunteers in the classroom, or during lunch and recess. With overcrowding in even the best public schools nowadays, our kids can always use another responsible adult around.
  • Don’t take up two parking spots.  Seriously.  If you can move your car forward do it.  No one wants to walk another three blocks with a two-year-old because there was someone taking up two spaces.
  • Be prepared to buy multiple pairs of shoes.  
  • No HUGS, no KISSES, and definitely NO LEAVING THE BACKPACK IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR AT DRIVE-THRU DROP OFF!  – I don’t think we can make it any clearer, but seriously unless you want to get chastised, honked at, and given the absolute dirtiest looks there are – just drop your kid and go!  If you can’t we suggest walking them up to the gate.  Trust us, you will thank us!!

We hope you are ready for the first day of school!  And if you’ve already had your first day – are there any tips that need to be added to our list for the first day of school mom?  Let us know!