How To Choose The Best Car For Your Family


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It’s so hard to choose the best car for your family because we spend A LOT of time in our cars! It’s not just for driving anymore. 

The inside of my vehicle is my sanctuary. I spend those precious moments before picking up and after dropping off my kids listening to Cardi B (dirty version with cuss words), scrolling through Facebook, and gossiping with my friends while eating a candy bar. 

My car is also the help I need when my kids fight their naps. Since I’ve never been able to achieve the mythical car seat to crib transfer, I might as well take a comfy nap with them. 


I mean, isn’t that why the seats recline anyway? 


I know shopping for baby gear is overwhelming, but choosing a family car is downright painful. It’s a big-ticket item that involves running your credit, dealing with an aggressive salesperson, and basically being stuck with it unless you’re willing to sell at a fraction of the cost. You’d better be certain about the choice you make!

If you’re still reading this, it probably means you’re in the market. You might even consider taking the plunge on the dreaded minivan. Nothing beats those sweet sliding doors that open at the push of a button on your remote. Once you own one, you will never go back (or so I’ve been told). 


While I am not ready to go down the path of owning the ultimate soccer mom car, here are some alternatives I’m considering for finding the best car for our family.


4-door sedan

What it lacks in trunk or cargo space, it makes up for practicality. There are tons of options on the market offered by almost every automaker. Modest and reliable models like the Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord provide just enough space and comfort for a family of 4. If you have 3 children close in age, you may want to consider something bigger unless you invest in narrow and expensive car seat options like the Diono or Clek. The trunk will likely hold a smaller more compact double stroller like the Baby Jogger City Mini GT double, Zoe XL2, or Maclaren Twin Triumph. However, if you have an active lifestyle that involves hauling bicycles, jogging strollers, coolers, and chairs, you may need something with a little cargo space or invest in a Thule roof rack or box. The big pro is gas mileage especially if you go with a hybrid.


Station Wagon

You won’t find many wagon options out there anymore. As with minivans, there’s a stigma that comes with wagons as well. It is mostly associated with family cars back in the 60’s and 70’s. Think Brady Brunch Plymouth Satellite Station Wagon. Not exactly a cool ride. 

However, as a long time automobile enthusiast who appreciates aftermarket modifications, I love the uniqueness it brings. They have the best of both worlds with a lift-up hatch for easier access to the trunk like a minivan. And the low ground clearance of a sedan making it easier to load the kids in without having to be on your tippy-toes. A wagon is also most closely associated with an outdoorsy type person…think Subaru’s. While this may not be a popular choice, it is a very underrated option. My husband previously owned a BMW 3 series wagon that I never saw the appeal of until now. I may just give it another shot!


SUVs and Crossovers

This seems to be the new hot trend in the automotive world. The rugged exterior paired with a spacious and comfortable interior gives us the best of both worlds. 

Crossovers are built on passenger car platforms while SUVs are on a truck platform. There are very little differences in appearance and functionality other than that most Crossovers are more compact. Automakers are focusing on putting in all the bells and whistles, coming out with awesome options like fold down 3rd-row seats, 2nd-row captain’s chairs, and remote push-button starters. All these convenient new improvements are catered towards families with young children.

There are also extended SUVs that offers plenty of room for 8 passengers as well as extra trunk space for strollers, groceries, and diaper changes. 

However, bigger isn’t always necessarily better. 

If you live in the city or by the beach where it’s usually street parking only, an extended SUV may not be the best choice. I do feel a lot safer in an SUV due to the higher ground clearance. Having been rear-ended a couple of times, the cars behind me ended up beneath my rear bumper which I felt minimized the impact and damage.



Not much needs to be said here. It basically has all of the pros and no cons…well other than you’ll be rolling in the ultimate soccer mom car. You’ll proudly wear your mommy badge everywhere you go.

Motherhood has taught me that practicality, functionality, and comfort is everything. The same goes for car shopping. I’m keeping my eye out for the self-driving (so I can nap), noise reducing (so I can ignore all the screaming and crying in the back seat) and spa-like experience (complete with massage chair). 

In the meantime, don’t be afraid to take your time and choose one that is uniquely suited to your family. Don’t forget to ask about what specific options are available. You might be surprised at the little things like tethers and built-in vacuum cleaners!


My name is Chelsea Yang.  I live in Orange County, CA with my two toddler girls and hard-working husband. I’m a freelance fashion stylist and full-time mom. I graduated from UCLA with a Political Science degree and married my high school sweetheart. My previous professions include Fashion Merchandising, Product Development, and Visual Merchandising. My hobbies include Facebook, BST (Buy/Sell/Trade), bargain-hunting, and making new friends. I aspire to be a feminist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and amateur comedian/motivation speaker.