6 Educational Sites And Apps For Kids


As a teacher, my friends with young children are always asking about educational sites and apps.

There are so many websites out there for entertainment. Why not find a site that will keep your child entertained and teach skills at the same time?  

There are many educational sites educators use that you may not know about and that even the struggling learner will love. Here some to check out:

  • Starfall.com is an educational site that teaches letters, letter sounds, reading, numbers, addition, and subtraction to name a few.  Children don’t know they are learning. This site is engaging and fun.
    • Age Group – preschoolers to students in 2nd grade.
    • Fee – $35 for an annual membership – However, there are plenty of activities without purchasing the membership. 
  • Prodigygame.com is a math site that is very entertaining. Your child chooses an avatar to go through different levels. In order to move through the game, your child must first solve some math problems. This game looks just like a video game but educational at the same time. Kids love it!  This site also gives free reports on how your child is progressing.  
    • Age Group – 1st-8th graders
    • Fee – FREE!
  • Pbskids.org is a free site that has videos and games. Kids learn and work on multiple skills. 
    • Age Group – preschoolers to 2nd grade
    • Fee – FREE!
  • Kids.nationalgeographic.com is a site with science games and videos.  There is a parent and child login which makes the child feel like they have “control” of their learning.  
    • Age Group – preschoolers to 5th graders
    • Fee – FREE!
  • Xtramath.org is a math facts website. Your child can practice their math facts (+, -, x, /), and a report of progress goes straight to you. It is not as engaging as some of the other sites, but a way to practice facts through another medium.
    • Age Group – 1st to 6th graders
    • Fee – FREE!
  • Abcmouse.com  is a multi-skill site for children learning basic skills. You can set the pace and skills for your child. This site is highly advertised and is truly a great site. 
    • Age Group – preschoolers to 2nd grade
    • Fee – $7.95/month but they do run specials (e.g. first month free)

All of the websites mentioned also have mobile-friendly apps or sites. This will help children who do best on a tablet. It also makes it easy for your child to play when you are on the go or traveling long distances. 

6 Educational Sites And Apps For Kids