What’s On The Menu

What's on the menu

Is it me or does coming up with the weekly menu seem daunting?  Not just me?  Okay good!  That’s why we have our what’s on the menu posts!  Pick and choose and create the menu that you and your family will love!

Sunday – Million Dollar Chicken Bake

Chicken, Cheese, and bacon – what’s there not to like?  AND it’s all in one pan – done and done, this recipe will be a hit!

Monday – Easy Shepherd’s Pie

I usually assume that Shepherd’s Pie is too difficult, but this recipe truly is EASY and it’s gluten-free!

Tuesday – Tex Mex Chicken and Zucchini

This one-pan wonder is so so good! Lots of veggies and lots of flavor in this recipe – add it to your Taco Tuesday inspiration rotation!

Wednesday – Mongolian Ground Beef Noodles

This recipe is going to become one of your family’s favorites!  My kids love beef and I love all Asian flavors so it is a win-win for us.

Thursday – Instant Pot Spicy Chicken Pasta

I love my Instant Pot!  And I love spicy pasta even more.  This recipe will save you time AND will also be delicious!

Friday – Homemade Pizza

Yes, we do this every week.  And no it most likely won’t change. Here’s the dough we use from the Pioneer Woman. I use whatever tomato sauce we happen to have lying around, BUT if I’m being super gourmet I will buy the pizza sauce from Trader Joe’s AND their Pizza seasoned shredded cheese.

Saturday – Turkey + Cheese Sammies

Sometimes a simple sammie will do the trick after a super busy week!

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