What’s That Under There? Underwear!


underwearWomen’s bodies go through some miraculous transformations during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. I can’t tell you how many different types of undergarments I owned. I think a lot of us underestimate the importance of underwear. After all, it is what’s on the inside that counts.

There are endless options when it comes to fit, style, fabric, color, and purpose. As a childfree, fun-loving, carefree young lady in my twenties and thirties, I gravitated toward stretch lace in solid colors (i.e. Hanky Panky and Cosabella). My body was not perfect, but I didn’t have to worry about the extra curves on the front, side, and rear. In other words, those were the good old days. I didn’t have to think twice about my undergarments before I got dressed. Even during my first pregnancy, I was too worried about what outfits I could actually fit into to care about what’s underneath.

Flash forward to that special day when you’re in labor (or close to it)…suddenly the thought of undergarments came up. Someone else was going to see your private parts in all its glory. You might not have realized at this point it was not just your doctor but also a whole team of doctors, nurses, custodians, volunteers, and unwanted relatives.

So the naïve you think about grooming etiquette and a presentable pair of underwear that’s comfortable and without holes or stains while packing for the hospital.

Here is where everything you thought you knew went right out the door…along with your dignity.


At this point, you’re wearing mesh netting with 2 holes cut out for your legs. It is apparently one size fits all creatures because there’s no front or back. I still can’t figure out how it held up a super overnight pad with a pound of ice and witch hazel pads without falling down. This is when I started to really appreciate undergarments.

On the days following, I knew everything would have to change…including my wardrobe. I needed some temporary comfortable but tough cotton stretch underwear because well…let’s just put it this way, it’s the aftermath of a very bloody battle and my vagina won. I tend to stick to prints at this point just in case there’s spillover. This is the time for private healing so I wasn’t too concerned about how I looked.

After 2 kids, I can say I’m proud of my new mom bod.

Get to know your new body and understand what styles, cuts and fabrics work for you. Spanx turned out to be my new secret weapon. Shapewear makes a huge difference when I decide to put a decent outfit on. (And by decent I mean, anything but yoga or sweat pant). It will hide your problem areas and accentuate your best attributes. Who doesn’t need a little confidence booster when you’re dressed to impress? Midrise and higher will give anyone more coverage and support in the tummy area.

Lucky for us, this is the new hot fashion trend so they won’t be hard to find. Careful when choosing waistbands…look for tags that say no pinching. This will help you avoid protrusion on the sides. Styles with lace waistbands are a nice sexy and feminine touch.

Always remember to check out your bottom in the mirror.

It’s best to avoid panty lines by going either less or more coverage. When it comes to lingerie, have fun! Shopping for lingerie is like shopping for a wedding dress…grab as many different styles as possible and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you find the right one… I like having a large variety of underwear. They’re easy to store (barely takes up any space at all). They make a big difference in how I feel depending on what I put on.

When I have my Hanky Panky lace bikini on, a piece of the old me came back! The best part is…no one else has to know what you’re feeling except for yourself.

It’s ironic that in my new saggy, soft, stretch mark filled body, I feel more of a woman than I ever did. Confidence really does come from within. These days I’m just more selective about the statement I make with my clothes and my undergarments. Most days they scream soccer mom barely hanging on to sanity.

But watch out when my inner woman decides to come out. With the help of my newfound confidence and enhanced by the right undergarments, I may still end up getting carded or called “miss”, instead of “ma’am”.

My name is Chelsea Yang.  I live in Orange County, CA with my two toddler girls and a hard-working husband. I’m a freelance fashion stylist and full-time mom. I graduated from UCLA with a Political Science degree and married my high school sweetheart. My previous professions include Fashion Merchandising, Product Development, and Visual Merchandising. My hobbies include Facebook, BST (Buy/Sell/Trade), bargain-hunting, and making new friends. I aspire to be a feminist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, and amateur comedian/motivation speaker.