Top Posts of 2021

Top Posts of 2021

Happy {almost} 2022!


We have had such a great year of content from our amazing contributor team. They have covered humor, parenting tips, mental health, local favorites, and more. Here is a list of some of our most read top posts in 2021!


Weaponized Incompetence From Dads And The Mental Load For Moms: “As these sources all point out, weaponized incompetence is a new term to describe a notion of “male ineptitude” about house-related and child-centered tasks. This comes up ALL the time in my work with predominantly moms in therapy. Essentially, the mom is viewed as the only competent member of the heterosexual parent dyad, and therefore she is given all the tasks related to home and family. This is regardless of her working status.”


Reading Outside The Lines: Five Little Monkeys: “Now, I don’t know how it appears in other printed versions, but in this particular adaptation, the drawings are very playful and funny, kinda like the monkeys they’re meant to portray. It also has an ending that’s slightly different from the original song. And I’ve always kind of identified with this poor, tired mom who keeps trying to keep her kiddos in check but they won’t listen to her. She is my spirit animal…or so I thought.”


How To Avoid The Dreaded Minnie Mouse Ears Headache: “With the recent rose gold Minnie Mouse ears craze, I’ve been seeing even more people than before wearing those adorable sequined headbands around the Disneyland Resort. After all, if you’ve managed to snag one of these elusive and super popular headbands for yourself, of course you’re going to want to show them off with pride! And it’s not just the rose gold design. There’s the red and green ones for the holiday season, purple ones for Halloween, and the classic polka dot blue ones that recently came out, just to name a few. Whether you’re a kid or a grownup, they are fun and cute to wear. The only downside to this must-have Disney parks accessory, is the dreaded Minnie Mouse ears headache.”


This Is What It’s Like Having Six Kids From The Parents Perspective: “I get asked quite often what it’s like having six kids. Questions like, “How do you do it?” or “How do you juggle it all?” And then statements like, “You must be super mom!” or “I don’t know how you do it!” And the one that can be taken negatively (though I don’t take it that way) is, “You’ve got your hands full!””


10 Packing Tricks For Traveling With Kids: “Not as often, or as extensively, but it IS possible to see the world with little ones in tow. The trick (well there are many tricks, but the packing trick) is to bring *just enough* to make the trip comfortable for your children. They will be far out of their comfort zone, schedules will be out of whack, and routines up-ended. But there are some things you can bring to make things easier for both them and for you. Now, you have to tailor every suitcase to the location and occasion for your travel, but here are 10 packing tricks that have generally helped every member of the family enjoy our long-distance vacations.”


Fun Date Nights Around Anaheim: “Date night. The Holy Grail for most parents. We all need time together to reconnect. Get out there and have some fun!”


Thanks so much for reading along this year and enjoying these top posts of 2021! We cannot wait to bring you even more amazing content in 2022!


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