This Is What It’s Like Having Six Kids From The Parents Perspective


I get asked quite often what it’s like having six kids. Questions like, “How do you do it?” or “How do you juggle it all?” And then statements like, “You must be super mom!” or “I don’t know how you do it!” And the one that can be taken negatively (though I don’t take it that way) is, “You’ve got your hands full!” 

You heard from my children the last time I posted and now this time I interviewed my husband and give my own insight too. So you get both parents perspective on having six kids. Figured it would be interested to hear what he had to say. So here it is friends… from the guys point of view…


What’s it like having six kids?

Fun! Never a dull moment. Always something going on. Lots of love.


Did you always want lots of kids?

Yea, I think I always wanted 3-5 or so as I was growing up, thought that was a good number.


So you must have had lots of siblings?

I was the oldest of 5, a blended family.


What is your favorite childhood memory?

Going outside and playing with my friends. Riding a bike. Playing outside sports and stuff.


So what part of your childhood do you hope your children get to enjoy?

Playing outdoors, enjoying life and each other. Sports, all the adventures. I want them to have their imagination. I know it’s harder nowadays with media always trying to draw their attention.


What’s it like having boys and girls?

Normal. I never thought of NOT having boys and girls so I don’t have anything to compare it to.


What would people see if they just dropped by our house randomly one day?

Hurricane Nunez! But really, kids having fun and using their imaginations. Possibly a mom pulling her hair out, just kidding [smiles]. Someone half naked running around the house.


What advice do you have for a first time dad?

Ummm, they’re not joking when they say patience is a virtue.


What would you tell a dad or mom who are thinking of having more kids?

Go for it! The more the merrier! Never a dull moment when you have more than one… or five.


What advice do you have for the dads concerning their wife?

They definitely weren’t kidding when they said patience is a virtue…. Just love your wife as God loves the church. Treat her with respect and understanding.


Anything else you’d like to share as a dad of six kids?

I enjoy it, because it’s rewarding to see all their achievements and how they interact with each other and how they support each other. As they grow up, how they’ll contribute. And I’m excited to see how that unfolds for them individually. It also makes game night interesting, we actually have enough players.

I think it’s important to take time to spend with each of them individually. They seek that attention and that time and it’s important to give them. Sometimes they surprise you with their conversations. It’s always fun too.


six kids
Our oldest (13) and youngest (1) at his birthday party.

After his interview I told him that he answers questions like our 11-year-old, short and sweet. He laughed and agreed. 🙂

I can’t really interview myself (I mean, I guess I could…), but I can tell you some answers to some of those questions I mentioned earlier so you get the parent’s perspective from both of us on raising six kids.

I don’t do it all….

I am very open and honest with my children and share with them that I am NOT super human. I need help, as we all do. I also make sure to thank them when they have helped out, even if it’s a “chore” (which we like to call responsibilities) and expected of them. I always think it’s nice to hear how much putting in the effort to help is appreciated. So I thank them, because I do appreciate them.

I do have to say, my hands are not just full but overflowing. But isn’t that just how God blesses us? He doesn’t just give us what we need but even more so. He has definitely given me more than what I planned for and I’m so thankful He knows better than I do!

I feel that when there are more children they can’t do all the things due to either money or time constraints. Seriously, who has time for all the things!? It makes them to think outside of themselves and encourages them to support their sibling even if they would rather be doing something else.

Life isn’t all about them and that dose of reality is good. 

How do I do it all? I don’t! But I do pray a lot…like seriously…all the time! It’s the only way I can do what I do.

Carry on mama! God will give you the strength and wisdom to do what you need to do. Embrace not being in control (because we know Who is)…. It is actually quite freeing. 


six kids

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