My Top 5 Mom Life Crisis Outbursts


We’ve all had a mom life crisis outburst.  You know, when you realize that you’re a mom and not the seventeen-year-old you see in your head.  

Sometimes the mom life crisis outbursts can be as simple as deciding to drop your kids off at daycare and watch 6 hours of the Handmaiden’s Tale.  Or maybe as crazy as deciding to go to Hawaii on the spur of the moment.  

Whatever it is, there are times when being a mom can be so consuming that we simply need to rebel a little.  To do something that isn’t centered around our little love bugs.  To have a full on mom life crisis outburst.  

mom life crisis anaheim moms blogMy Top 5 Mom Life Crisis Outbursts

  1.  Cutting bangs – After my first son was born I felt like I needed something different.  So, right before my husband and I were about to go to dinner I chopped my bangs.  And yes, I couldn’t quite get them straight.  So, of course, my bangs got shorter and shorter.  It was a quick decision and I dealt with the consequences for quite some time.  
  2. Dying my hair a different color – I knew I wanted something fun and dying my hair teal or pink sounded like the answer to my nagging inner mom life crisis.  My kids definitely were curious about why mommy had so much blue in her hair, and my husband just went with it.  (He’s learned a lot over the years on when to say nothing) I for one felt slightly liberated and not trapped in my “mom box.”  
  3. Tattoos – Tattoos are always associated with rebels and now that I’m a mom I feel like I need to rebel.  Maybe it’s because I’m always in charge and making sure the kids are doing the right thing that I feel the need to do something naughty.  So, I’m getting a tattoo on my foot.  The tattoo will say Ohana which means family.  My crisis hasn’t gotten me too crazy.
  4. High Heels – I don’t wear high heels anymore.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time that I wore them.  But during a crazy Nordstrom anniversary sale, I felt the need to buy high heels. I thought that at some point I will wear them!  I do go out every now and again!  Turns out they’re still sitting my closet with the tags on.
  5. Booked a Trip to NYC – I was feeling the need to have a vacation.  So, I just booked a trip to NYC without much thought.  I was in major mom life crisis mode.  I can cancel the trip at any time, but I don’t want to!

What are some of the things you’ve done during a MOM LIFE CRISIS??