Top 10 Things I’ve Done Wrong According to My Five-Year-Old


Oh the things I’ve done wrong!  Seriously, I feel like no matter what I do I end up something something wrong.  

And so, I have compiled a list of all of the things I’ve done wrong.  It actually makes me feel better getting it out into the open.  And hopefully, makes others laugh just a bit.  Because it’s Monday.  And we ALL need a little laugh on a Monday.

Anaheim Moms Blog WrongTop 10 Things I’ve Done Wrong According to My Five-Year-Old {This week}

  1. Parked in the wrong parking space. – Yep, apparently there are right parking spaces and wrong parking spaces and I chose the wrong one this week.  And because I did this my five-year-old gave me the silent treatment the entire walk up to school.  
  2. Was unable to give him a Green Dojo. – Our school uses the Dojo app and my son asked me if I had downloaded it.  I told him I did.  Then he asked why I hadn’t given him a green Dojo and I told him that only his teacher was able to give him a green Dojo.  Needless to say, he sulked in his seat the rest of dinner.  I was wrong, again.
  3. Forgot to let him show me something at Target for his birthday. – I went to Target without my son.  He flipped out because he needed to show me something at Target.  For his birthday.  Which is 9 months away.  Sometimes I just want to give up!
  4. Told him it was Friday. – I don’t know why but this made him upset.  At this point I want to give up as being a parent.  
  5. Cared about his hygiene. – We have a rule in our house that you can’t go downstairs during the school week until you have brushed your teeth, gone potty and put on your school clothes.  Apparently this is too much for my son because he got very upset that I wanted him to use the restroom.  Again, I apologize for caring about his bowels, but I’m his mother and it’s my job.
  6. Cheered at his game. – I know I can be loud.  But I really just cheer because I want my son to actually participate in the game.  He is capable.  And maybe I feel like the louder I yell the harder he’ll try?  Hard to say.  Either way, cheering is definitely in the wrong category in our house.  And I am majorly guilty.
  7. Asked him how his day was. – I got the side eye from this one.  I mean, seriously he’s five, how is he already giving side-eye?!
  8. Wanted him to smile in a picture we took together. – I realize that there are days when no one feels like getting their picture taken, but I also feel like those days are reserved for when you are responsible for more than just playing with fidget spinners.  Once you have to take care of others you can decide to opt out of a photo, but until then you must put on a smile!
  9. Told him it was time for bed.  – Enough said.
  10. Asked him to share with his brother. – It’s like I asked him to explore a friendship with North Korea.  I mean, come on!  TAKE TURNS!

What have you done wrong this last week according to your children?


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