Think You Know THINX? Think Again! + {Promo Code}

This post is sponsored by our partners at THINX, but as always our opinions are 100% our own!

From the moment I saw the first ad for THINX I have been wanting to try them.  If you don’t know what THINX are let me explain.


THINX are period proof underwear that can prevent leak anxiety. Depending upon your flow, THINX can either back up or replace traditional menstrual products. Each pair of THINX underwear are crafted with special layers of fabric that can absorb liquid, wick away moisture, and de-odorize to keep you feeling fresh and dry. THINX  look and feel like regular underwear, come in a variety of styles, and are machine washable. Since they are a reusable product, they are better for the environment than disposable period products.

I have never been more excited to get my period then after I received my THINX in the mail.  

So – let’s talk periods.

After I had kids my periods were heavier and I found myself going through more tampons than ever before.  Aside from the waste of tampons I was tired of always worrying about leakage.  For me, panty liners were very unpredictable.  And depending on if I was working out things could get messy really fast – especially on a heavy day.  

This is what I needed in a period-proof pair of underwear:

  • Ability to wear all day 
  • Comfortable
  • Not frumpy (aka a little sexy)
  • Could withstand high-impact sports

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My THINX experience

I specifically chose the hip-hugger pair of underwear because I really wanted something that held a lot but was also super cute. 

The underwear itself is thicker than your typical pair of underwear – I would compare it to a shapewear type of material but I never felt restricted.  If anything it felt like it was holding me together.  I liked it.

For my heavy days, I used THINX in conjunction with a menstrual cup.  I seriously never felt freer.  Not only was I being eco-friendly, but I was also not stressed about leakage.  With the combination of the two, I never had to mess around with changing anything all day long.  It was like magic.

For my lighter days, I just wore my THINX.  

I didn’t smell. I could still run and have no fear of leaking. I didn’t feel frumpy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I told a lot of people that I was going to be using this awesome period-proof underwear and I got a lot of questions.

  1. Did you feel damp? –  No, I didn’t feel damp.  The underwear absorbs your period, so while you may feel it – it’s no more than the feeling when you use a panty liner. 
  2. Is it hot? – Being in Southern California and wearing thicker underwear during the super hot months doesn’t sound super appealing right?  So, while the underwear may be thicker I didn’t notice myself feeling hot or sweaty in them.  
  3. Did you change your underwear during the day? – I didn’t need to because on my heavy days I also used a menstrual cup.  But if you didn’t want to use anything else you would probably have to change your underwear at least once if your flow was really heavy.
  4. Did it actually work? – Um, YES. In fact, I plan to purchase a few more pairs just to have on hand.  

And now THINX is rolling out a new line for tweens/teens – which is pretty amazing!  When I was a teenager my period was so confusing.  I would have loved to have underwear that I could wear and not have to stress about whether or not I had enough time between classes to change my pad/tampon.  If you have a daughter – be sure to check this new line out!

To learn more about whether THINX are the right fit for you – visit their Facebook and Instagram.